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В каждом предложении найдите глаголы-сказуемые и дайте их русские эквиваленты.


a) 1. We are still learning how to exploit the potential of integrated circuits.

2. Small and reliable sensing and control devices are the essential elements in complex systems.

3. This allows computers to provide multiple independent output channels.

4. The invention of the transistor triggered the rapid growth of the electronics industry.

5. Experiments lead to new theories.

6. Electrical activity takes place constantly everywhere in the universe.

7. Google Glass is the most hotly anticipated new arrival in "wearable computing" – which experts predict will become pervasive.

8. The semiconductor industry exploits the ‘whole periodic table’ to manufacture its components.

9. Integrated electronics will move not only towards more functions per slice, but towards new types of functions.

10. The Higgs boson gives all elementary particles mass, allowing for the existence of matter.

b) 1. Electronics has extended man’s intellectual potential.

2. The most striking characteristics of the microelectronics industry has been a rapid decline in cost.

3. In recent years active research has been going on in one of the fields of space industrialization – space material study and production of new materials of better quality.

4. Moore’s law has yielded fast, smart computers, with pretty graphics and worldwide connections.

5. A microelectronic technology has shrunk transistors and other circuit elements to dimensions almost invisible to unaided eye.

6. Researchers have found a way to hide messages in the data sent by voice-over-internet phone systems.

7. Scientists in Japan have found a deposit of highly concentrated rare earth minerals, crucial for the manufacturing of electronics.

8. Apple has introduced two-step authentication for iCloud and other services to beef up security against possibly hacking attacks.

9. Tweeters have been organising their thoughts using hashtags for years.

10. In the past 50 years we have moved from "mainframe" computers that needed their own rooms to ones that fit in a pocket; any smartphone nowadays has as much raw computing power as a top-of-the-line laptop from 10 years ago.


c) 1. The attempts to miniaturize electronic components are largely successful.

2. Several research groups have recently reported progress in this field.

3. The advances in DNA-based circuits offer a new, powerful platform to potentially realize researcher’s long-held biocomputing dreams.

4. His collaborators are working on a microchip modeled after neurons.

5. His team is trying to create an alternative to the architecture common to nearly every computer constructed since its invention.

6. He emphasizes that cognitive-computing architectures will not replace conventional computers but complement them.

7. Even before the invention of the transistor the electronics industry had studied the properties of thin films of metallic and insulating materials.

8. Electricity provides light, heat, and mechanical power.

9. A device that counts photons individually will help to greatly extend the range of networks that send encrypted quantum communications.

10. A new scheme for a quantum communications link will allow a sender to relax in the knowledge that only a recipient in exactly the right location can read their message.

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Выделите предложения, в которых неличные формы глагола являются частью сказуемого. | Найдите глаголы-сказуемые в каждом предложении и дайте их русский эквивалент.
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