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Выделите предложения, в которых неличные формы глагола являются частью сказуемого.


a) 1. The workers must employ this machine.

2. Automation is one of the ways to increase productivity.

3. The wire to connect the terminals is 10 meters long.

4. The function of a boiler is to transfer heat to the water in the most efficient manner.

5. The voltage is to be measured.

6. Thomas was the first to focus attention on this type of reaction.

7. The purpose of this test is to determine the mechanical characteristics of the material.

8. To construct an experiment of this kind seems nearly impossible.

9. He must have finished his experiment

10. The temperature begins to rise sharply.


b) 1. We are becoming more open to other cultures simply because of the Internet.

2. The importance of the scientific researches and discoveries is growing with every year.

3. The ammeter is a measuring device.

4. Using the energy of the atom we produce electric energy at atomic power plants.

5. They will be making experiment the whole day long.

6. I have been working at this problem since 2012.

7. The bridge being built across the river is very beautiful.

8. By 6 o’clock he will have been testing the system for 3 hours.

9. Having analyzed the properties of the substance they made some new conclusions.

10. Robots are helping research scientists to answer many difficult questions.


c) 1. We have explored common forms of communication.

2. No electric charges have ever been observed of smaller magnitude than the charges of proton or electron.

3. We used all the methods recommended.

4. When properly hardened steel becomes hard and strong.

5. The efficiency of a machine is determined by the ratio of the useful work performed to the total work expended.

6. The problem has been studied for three years, but they haven’t got any result.

7. The results obtained disagreed with earlier data.

8. Other automatic controller devices were being developed before the advent of industry standards.

9. They have been shown new laboratory equipment.

10. The temperature of the liquid obtained remained constant.


d) 1. On being heated to a sufficient temperature any body becomes a source of light.

2. Their wish is mastering the fundamentals of radio-engineering.

3. We were all for starting the experiment at once.

4. They knew about our having done it.

5. The purpose of the method is determineing system stability.

6. We succeeded in simplifying the calculations of the magnetic strength.

7. Their aim was collecting all the necessary data.

8. Splitting the atom is a difficult task.

9. They are for discussing this problem as soon as possible.

10. The idea of using this technique is new and somewhat unexpected.


e) 1. While repairing the machine the operator found two broken parts.

2. Having been given all the instructions he began his work.

3. When the apparatus was installed the operator could begin the calculation.

4. The purpose of the model is to answer a set of questions.

5. Mechanization is to be distinguished from more primitive tool use.

6. The investigations being carried out were of great importance.

7. Рrоfessor N will be giving another talk on this subject at the same time.

8. The architects' aim is applying more plastics for interior decoration.

9. The information collected in this review is valuable to us.

10. They have finished discussing the results of the experiment.

11. Newton was the first to discover the basic laws of motion.

12. The design engineer must consider many factors.

13. Two members of the group had been designing a machine to enable the blind to read.

14. After closing the circuit we measured the resistance.

15. The total quantity of pure radium obtained is quite insignificant.

16. They began making experiment in May.

17. Analyzing this message you can find the error.

18. We succeeded in building a flexible system.

19. He will have been working at this problem for two hours by the time you come.

20. Many optimization processes have been developed in the last decades to achieve the best solution in this research process.


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