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Найдите глаголы-сказуемые в каждом предложении и дайте их русский эквивалент.

a) 1. The results of two model tests will be presented in order to demonstrate the potentials of the model.

2. Computers are being used more and more extensively in the world today.

3. The experiments were conducted at the same time in London and Rome.

4. The World Cup was transmitted around the world by satellite.

5. Telecommunication through radio broadcasts is called broadcast communication.

6. Many new and very interesting projects are planned for orbital stations.

7. A GSM network is composed of several entities with specific interfaces.

8. Bluetooth likewise was intended to unify different technologies, such as computers and mobile phones.

9. Transistors are made of semi-conductors such as silicon and gallium arsenide.

10. A difficult problem is being solved now by engineers.

11. Many technical means will be improved in future.

12. Distances on land and water are being measured with help of the radio now.

13. Until modern times, most information processing machines were designed to do arithmetic.

14. The network of mobile communication is being built in this region.

15. Other automatic controller devices were being developed before the advent of industry standards.


b) 1. Unfortunately before we make the experiment their work will have been published.

2. The technical problems of colour television have been solved long ago.

3. Finally, ATM technology has been widely accepted as the network technology of choice in every telecommunication service providers network.

4. When the reaction had been finished the temperature fell.

5. Instrument-carrying probes will have been launched on trips to faraway places in the Milky Way.

6. We have not been informed about the experiments.

7. A new interplanetary station has been created.

8. By the early part of the twentieth century electromechanical machines had been developed.

9. This term has been used for a long time.

10. Two popular techniques have been developed for optimization process.

11. The weight of the mechanical part had been greatly reduced.

12. Dear clients! By this time tomorrow your telephone connection will have been restored completely.

13. The problem has been studied for three years, but they haven’t got any result.

14. No electric charges have ever been observed of smaller magnitude than the charges of proton or electron.

15. Our attention has been restricted to the class of constant controllers.


c) 1. Much of the research in electronics is directed toward creating even smaller chips, faster switching of components, and three-dimensional integrated circuits.

2. In an analogue signal, the signal is varied continuously with respect to the information.

3. Additional transformation was being got from satellites.

4. A Web site has been set up to keep the citizens informed.

5. The control system was developed and put into operation.

6. New industrial enterprises will be built here in the future.

7. New types of integrated circuits have been developed lately.

8. At present high-capacity optical transmission systems are being installed between many major US cities at a rapid rate.

9. Single sideband and frequency modulation were invented by amateur radio operators.

10. In factories and plants we are surrounded with electronically con­trolled machines and instruments.

11. The new equipment had been tested for two hours when the chief engineer came and stopped the experiment.

12. Before the sample was tested it had been carefully dried.

13. As it had been theoretically predicted, high-energy alpha particles were registered.

14. It had long been understood that sound was related to the vibration of a mechanical system.

15. It has been estimated that two-thirds of all scientific discoveries have been made since the Second World War.


Date: 2015-12-24; view: 1902

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В каждом предложении найдите глаголы-сказуемые и дайте их русские эквиваленты. | Read the following texts without a dictionary.
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