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Ex. Change from active into passive.

Ex. There are 12 mistakes with active and passive verbs in this conversation. Find and correct the mistakes.

Teacher: People are said that the increase in travel will lead to a loss of different cultures around the world. Do you agree?

Student: Well, yes, I suppose that is a possibility. I’m sure the way of life of many people around the world has changed by contract with tourists. But the change might have been happened anyway, I suppose.

Teacher: Yes, may be. So, do you think we should try to stop the disappearance of native cultures?

Student: Oh, yes. I think it will be very sad if we lose different cultures. They enrich our world, don’t they? But it is also argued that many people from poor countries have given opportunities that they wouldn’t have had if there wasn’t any tourism. Their cultures may have changed, but they have been benefited from improvements in education and health as well as their standard of living.

Teacher: So do you think that improvements like this inevitably bring about a loss of culture, as some people have been suggested?

Student: I suppose I do think that, yes. As we are continued to be provided with better and better education and we have more and more contact with the world outside our own countries, we are being more and more the same!

Teacher: Can you give some more examples of what you mean?

Student: Well, in my country we now have American restaurants and we watch American movie on TV. American culture feels to be too dominant by many people in my country. And English words have been come into my language too.

Teacher: Oh, that’s interesting. And do you think that there woll one day only one language in the world?

Student: Well, the way we live has affected in a big way by things like the Internet, email and cheap travel. All countries are using English for these things, and so we all know a bit of English already. But I am not sure it will use by all countries instead of their own language. That seems unlikely to me.

Teacher: You’ve made some interesting points. Thank you.

1. say 4……… 7………. 10………
2……… 5……… 8………. 11………
3……… 6……… 9………. 12………


Ex. Rewrite the newspaper headlines as complete sentences.



Ex. Change from active into passive.

1. The dentist pulled out my rotten tooth.

2. The police are questioned him now.

3. Someone has made a complained.

4. They had left the lights on.

5. I broke my arm when I fell out of a tree.

6. The horrible old man was slowly poisoning the cat.

7. The snow will have covered the mountains by Christmas.

8. The waitress serves breakfast at 7 o’clock.

9. Who delivered the parcel?

10. Her parents made her clean the room.

11. They will have finished the work by tonight.

12. Someone had warned her that she might lose her job.

13. Who discovered America?

14. Who is going to feed the dog?

15. Who answered the phone?

16. Who did they give the prize to?

17. Which building are they going to knock down?


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