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Note-taking. Read the essay and complete the notes.

Are women better drivers than men?

Some people believe that women are better drivers than men. However, others think that women make worse drivers. The idea that women make worse drivers is a stereotype. It comes from a time when women drove less than men, and driving was seen as a man’s responsibility. There are certainly different views on this controversial question, although there are a number of reasons why a woman’s responsibility makes her a more competent driver.

Firstly, women are more patient and polite towards other road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists. In stressful situations they are more likely to stay calm, and less likely to be involved in “road rage” incidents. Secondly, female drivers are more cautious and therefore take fewer risks, for instance when overtaking. Thirdly, they are more responsible so they tend not to drive when tired or after drinking alcohol.

On the other hand, many people argue that women cause accidents because they can be indecisive or react slowly because they lack confidence. In addition, they are easily distracted, for example, by children in the car. Research also shows that women find map reading more difficult than men, and can have problems with the difference between left and right. Despite the fact that women have more accidents, insurance is often cheaper for them because the accidents tend to be minor. In particular, women have accidents when parking. This is because women often have poor spatial awareness. In contrast, men tend to have more serious accidents.

To sum up, it can be seen that women make safer drivers than men because of their personality. This is supported by the fact that women have fewer accidents in general and pay lower insurance premiums than men. On balance, it is clear that women are less competitive and aggressive than men behind the wheel and therefore better drivers.

Paragraph 2 notes:

Women drivers

- patient and (1) _______ to others on the road like (2) ________ and (3) ________

- stay (4) ___________ in (5) ___________ situations

- road (6) __________ incidents fewer

- cautious

- take fewer (7) _________ when (8) ___________

- more (9) _________, less likely to (10) ____________ when (11) _______ or after drinking

Paragraph 3 notes:

Women drivers

indecisive react (12) ________



lack (13)________ (14) _________ distracted


for example by (15) ________


map (16) ______ more difficult (17) __________ with left and (18) _________




poor spatial (19) ____________ more (20) _____________ accidents

3 Which style of note-taking do you prefer? Why?

Writing skills: a comparative essay

1 Look again at the essay “Are women better drivers than men?” Match ideas a-d with each paragraph.

a. conclusion

b. arguments for

c. introduce the topic / state the proposition

d. arguments against

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