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Share information about the personalities of the candidates you studied. Discuss the good and bad points of each one. Use the Other Useful Phrases to help you.

9 Rank the candidates in order of suitability (1= most suitable, 4= least suitable).

10 As a class, choose the best candidate for the position of Ben and Sylvia’s assistant.

Other Useful Phrases: making a suggestion

· I suggest we/you [+ infinitive]

· Why don’t we [+ infinitive]

· How about + [- ing]

May Lin: Chinese, aged 22

A happy person. Smiles a lot. Comes from a large family (three older brothers, two sisters). Speaks in a soft voice. Quiet but confident.

Your three best qualities? “Hard-working, responsible, energetic”

Your worst quality? “I want people to like me and get upset if they don’t.”

Your ideal boss? “I prefer a male boss. They are less emotional than women and, in my opinion, better managers.”

Why choose her? “I get on well with people. I’m a caring person.”

Doesn’t smoke. Thinks smoking should be banned in public places.

Elegantly dressed in a black business suit.

Interests: reads, paints, enjoys classical music.

Celine: French Canadian, aged 28

A strong personality. Very self-confident. An only child. A good sense of humour. Laughs a lot. Speaks English with a strong French accent.

Your three best qualities? “charismatic, assertive, open-mined.”

Your worst quality? “I’m rather moody at times.”

Your ideal boss? “I definitely prefer working for a woman, but will work for a man if necessary.”

Why choose her? “I am the best candidate.”

Smokes a lot. Life-long vegetarian. Has strong views about people who eat meat.

Dressed casually in white jumper and black skirt.

Interests: goes to the gym, plays for a women’s ice hockey team at weekends, dances (rock and jive).

Richard: British, aged 22

Quiet, calm personality. Seemed very serious at first, but relaxed later in the interview. Highly intelligent (high IQ) and has strong opinions on many subjects.

Your three best qualities? “organised, reliable and creative ”

Your worst quality? “I can be very impatient with people if they perform poorly”

Your ideal boss? “He or she should show respect to staff and care about them.”

Why choose him? “People say I’m strong-willed and that I work very hard.”


Dressed in rather unfashionable, grey suit.

Interests: mountaineering, deep sea diving, collecting antiques.

Anil: Indian, aged 24

Easy-going, polite, friendly, sociable.

Your three best qualities? “even-tempered, helpful, sensible”

Your worst quality? “I get very angry if people are not polite to me. Also I dislike people who are not generous.”

Your ideal boss? “Someone who knows their job well and is sensitive and understanding.”

Why choose him? “I am very ambitious, I want to get to the top as fast as possible.”

Smokes small cigars.

Dressed in a smart black suit and white silk shirt.

Interests: rides a motorbike (at weekends), dances the tango, reads books on philosophy.

Unit 1 “Personality”

Part 5

Writing skills

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