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READING 2) Camp Hideaway

READING 1) New Restaurant with That Special Dog in Mind

Do you want to get your dog a special birthday present? If you live in Chicago, you can take Spike or Fifi out to dinner at the Pet Cafe. It has tables for the humans and eating stands for the dogs. A meal costs less than four dollars. For that price, your dog gets an entree, a fortune dog biscuit (the canine version of a fortune cookie), and a bowl of peanut-butter flavored ice cream. You, the owner, on the other hand, are only offered candy.

You may think a restaurant for dogs is strange. However, restaurant owner Vera Carter does not. She says, "People want to return the loyalty and love their animals give them. For a dog, the best way to do that is to give them good food."

Carl Gregory, a pet-industry expert agrees. He says Americans are not just buying food; they are spending millions of dollars on toys, beds, classes, and even clothing for their pets. In fact, today Americans spend twice as much on their pets as they did in 1994. In that year, they spent about 17 million dollars. In 2004, they spent more than 34 million dollars.

For these reasons, many different types of businesses are offering services to pet owners. Some hotels now rent pet-friendly rooms. Some even have room service for dogs. Mail-order companies offering steak for dogs have become more popular. There are also many bakeries selling pet treats in addition to pies and cakes for people. More and more restaurants are adding food for pets to their menus. However, there aren't many sit-down pet restaurants like the Pet Cafe.

Some people don't like the idea of a restaurant for dogs. As Web blogger Jack Simpson says, "Dog restaurants are absurd." Dog owner Sherry Evans doesn't agree. She went to the Pet Cafe with her dog, Lulu. No, it's not ridiculous," she says. "Everyone has to feel needed. Lulu is my sweet, precious baby:'


READING 2) Camp Hideaway

You want to take a vacation, but you are worried about your pet. Who will take care of Fluffy, Roger, or Princess? Now you can leave town with confidence. Just take your pet to Camp Hideaway-an all-season camp for your favorite animal. Camp Hideaway is a high-class place. It's just like summer camp for children! Campers have pool time, and they also have special play times. Camp Hideaway has indoor heated dog runs and a big outdoor area for playful, social dogs.

In some ways, it's better than summer camps children enjoy. Camp Hideaway has television. Sparky can go to the doggie TV room, sit on the couch, and watch television with his friends. Individual personalities are also respected. Is your pet shy? There is a separate exercise area for dogs or cats that like to be alone. Like your dog, your cat won't be bored either. She will have a private room with windows. She can look outside and see birds and fish. She will also have lots of toys to play with. To help all the animals relax, there is classical music 24 hours a day. Camp Hideaway's counselors also follow your pet's daily schedule. If you want, you can bring in your pet's own food, treats, toys, and bed. Your little camper will be so happy that he may never want to go home!

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