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Choose the correct answer.


When Jake (1) ............. the door, he knew someone (2) ............. in the house. Things were different. Earlier that morning, he (3) ............. a man standing outside, and now he wondered if this man (4) ............. for him to leave the house. Jake went into the kitchen. The window was open. He was sure he (5) ............. it earlier. Next, he went into the garden. Jake knew something very strange (6) ............. on. He went back into the house. He had just got to the top of the stairs (7) ............. he heard a noise coming from the bedroom. Slowly, he opened the door and there, lying in the middle of the bed, was his sister! She (8) .............! Jake was very relieved.

1.   A has opened   B opens   C opened  
2.   A had been   B is   C has been  
3.   A was seeing   B had seen   C has seen  
4.   A is   B waited   C had been waiting  
5.   A had closed   B was closing   C had been closing  
6.   A was going   B went   C have been going  
7.   A after   B when   C while  
8.   A was sleeping   B slept   C had slept  



Write a letter (100 words) to your foreign friend who is planning to visit Ukraine in July. Tell him / her about:


•the possibility to stay in your flat;

•the places you recommend to visit;

•the best places to do the shopping.





Read the text given below. For questions (1–6), fill in the missing sentences from the list (A–G). There is one sentence that you do not need to use.


Jonathan Smith is an English gypsy. He talks to ‘Lifestyle’ magazine about his home.

I live in a trailer. ‘Gorjias’, as we call non-gypsies in our language, sometimes refer to our homes as caravans, but we prefer to use the word ‘trailer’. My horse Jezi pulls ours along. (1) ..... It’s very important for us gypsies to have reliable horses because of all the travelling that we do over different terrains.

My trailer was built back in 1933, by my uncle. I changed the canvas roof only last year. (2) ..... Now it has a well-made beige roof and the beautiful wheels are painted bright red! We’ve had many good times in our home on wheels, but we’ve had some tough moments too.

I grew up in this wagon, with my brother Jess and my parents who have since passed away. Now it’s just Nelly and I, but we travel with company or ‘kumpania’ as it’s known in our language. (3) .....

Of course it’s not like in the old days before the war. My grandparents used to tell stories of gypsy wagon trains that were so long they stretched from one horizon to the other. They were a travelling community. There were a lot more travellers in those days, though. (4) ..... It’s hard to make a living these days.

Although we do still travel around a lot, living in a chilly and damp climate like that of Britain, means that we’re forced to stay put through the winter. (5) ..... Even though some of these aren’t very pleasant, we make the most of our temporary home by singing and dancing and knowing that we have the freedom to move on when we please.

Our life is about being on the move, and we’re not interested in owning land or having our own country. We don’t care about owning or living in a house. (6) ..... For me, home is my trailer, home is being outside with nature. Basically ‘home’ is where you feel that you belong, or as Gorjias would say, ‘home is where the heart is”.


A Our ‘kumpania’ consists of my two sons and their families, which include our

four little grandchildren.

B You see, ‘home’ has more than one meaning.

C It used to be in a bright shade of yellow, and my mother had decorated it with

lovely brass bells and ribbons.

D The children like playing outside and have a lot of fun.

E It is then that we stop at the councilrun gypsy sites.

F She’s a strong and sturdy creature, with a calm and gentle nature.

G I wish I’d lived back then.




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