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In this text, the writer is

giving information about how to bm toy designer.  describing the rr of n successful toy designer.

persuading people to consider rr as toy designer.  D saying what qualities needed in good toy designer.


2. Mark first bm interested in cars after reading about them.

while he was at university.

when his father began to talk about them.

D b talking to someone from his football team.


3. Why does Mark like the SilverSunrise so much? It is his top-selling design.

It is very easy to play with.

It is the first toy he ever designed.

D It is more realistic than his earlier designs.


4. What does Mark say about retiring?

has n plans to retire in the near future.

would prefer not to give up work completely.

is looking forward to taking up some new hobbies.

D has saved enough money to allow him to follow his interests.



For questions 16, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap.

Do you often feel tired? You may be blaming it on age or stress, or perhaps you are (1) ..... putting it down to a low level of fitness. If so, then (2) ..... realizing it, you are ignoring important signs. Your health could actually be better.

A varied diet with (3) ..... of fresh fruit and vegetables is the basis of healthy eating. But how many of us have the time and energy to plan nourishing menus every


If you lead a busy life, you may not give health top (4) ..... . Running (5) ..... of nutrients is dangerous, because you may be (6) ..... of anything being wrong.


1.   A mostly   B easy   C barely   D simply  
2.   A without   B except   C unless   D neither  
3.   A all   B plenty   C many   D lot  
4.   A importance   B preference   C priority   D choice  
5.   A short   B less   C shortage   D insufficient  
6.   A unconscious   B unknown   C unfamiliar   D unaware  




Write an essay (150 words) about environmental problems nowadays. Identify them in your country. Include the following:

Water pollution.

Soil pollution.

Nuclear pollution.





Read the text given below. Decide if the statements (16) are T (true) or F (false).

Having a lovely smile is a desired part of our appearance, and it usually means being the proud owner of gleaming and straight set of pearly whites or teeth. What happens when our teeth arent that well-aligned, or are, in other words, just plain crooked? Thats when an orthodontist comes in, with orthodontic treatment that includes dental braces. There are many horror stories about teenagers who wear braces being given a hard time at school and being taunted as metal mouth. However, todays braces can be much more subtle in appearance, and the end result is actually about more than a beautiful smile.

Straightening crooked teeth isnt just about beauty and vanity. Its also about good health. Irregularly positioned teeth are hard to clean and this can cause tooth decay as well as promote gum disease. Speech problems and damage to the jaw can also occur as a result of very crooked or crowded teeth. The ideal age for braces to do their desired job of straightening teeth is during childhood and adolescence, from the ages of about ten to sixteen. People as old as sixty years of age can also have successful results with braces, although those over the age of eighteen wont have as good an end result as younger people whose jaws, bones and teeth are still developing.

What about the man or woman behind the fitting of braces? What is he or she all about? An orthodontist has studied orthodontics, an advanced and specialized area of dentistry. Apart from the four years of university training needed to become a dentist, orthodontists need a further two years of study in subjects ranging from genetics to human development. The medical writings of ancient Greece and Rome refer to practising orthodontics, which is an ancient Greek word meaning correcting or straightening teeth. The first braces as we know them today, were designed by a French man, Pierre Fauchard, in 1728. They consisted of a flat metal strip that was connected to teeth by pieces of thread.

Now, braces come in many variations. They dont have to be metal or metallic-coloured. They can be made of a special softer substance and be either clear in colour, colourful or even resemble the colour of teeth. You can get removable braces or the more effective fixed type. The latter include metal bands that are cemented onto the teeth and metal brackets which are then glued to the front teeth. A wire connects the bands and sometimes rubber bands are used. Orthodontists gradually tighten the wires so that teeth slowly move into their correct position. The treatment lasts for about two years. Braces are not only for humans, as dogs can get them too, to correct crooked jaws and other dental disorders. So if you or a friend needs braces, brace yourself to embrace the wonderful health and beauty aid that they are!


1. In the past, braces used to be less obvious than they are today. 2. Crooked teeth can lead to gum disease.

3. All teenagers should wear braces.

4. The older you get, the better results you get by wearing braces. 5. It takes six years for someone to become an orthodontist.

6. Ancient Greeks were familiar with the science of orthodontics.



For questions 16, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap.

I (1) ..... took an elderly man on a wildlife safari in South America. He had obviously not read the brochure because he thought that we would be shooting the animals. I had a lot of trouble trying to (2) ..... him that we were only there to (3) ..... them.

(4) ....., some people take all the wrong equipment with them. You get people going on safari covered in gold jewellery and (5) ..... two huge suitcases filled with fashionable clothes. The luggage has to be taken along on the expedition, so I (6) ..... them to take one bag only.

Being a tour guide is not as simple as it seems. However, it certainly does have its memorable moments.


1.   A lastly   B recently   C presently   D occasionally  
2.   A convince   B prove   C convert   D change  
3.   A look   B glare   C notice   D observe  
4.   A Apart from   B Concerning   C In addition   D Therefore  
5.   A getting   B fetching   C holding   D carrying  
6.   A let   B leave   C make   D allow  



Write a letter (100 words) to your English-speaking friend about sports activities in your school:

What benefits do students receive by participating in these activities?

What sports are the most popular?

What sports do you like to play and watch as a spectator? Why?



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