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Read the text and choose the correct word, A, B, C or D, for each space.

Everyone knows that exercise is good (0) ...B... the body and the mind. We all want to (1) ..... fit and look good, but too many of us take (2) ..... the wrong sport and quickly lose interest. So now fitness experts are advising people to choose an activity (3) ..... matches their character. For instance, those (4) ..... like to be with other people often enjoy golf or squash, or playing for a basketball, football or hockey (5) ...... If, though, you’re happier on your own, you may prefer to (6) ..... jogging or swimming.

Do you like competition? Then try something like running, or a (7) ... sport such as tennis.

If, on the other hand, (8) ..... isn’t important to you, then activities like dancing can be an enjoyable exercise without the need to show you’re better than everyone else.


0.   A to   B for   C with   D by  
1.   A keep   B have   C last   D hold  
2.   A in   B down   C out   D up  
3.   A when   B that   C how   D where  
4.   A which   B who   C whose   D what  
5.   A team   B group   C band   D crew  
6.   A play   B do   C make   D go  
7.   A bat   B board   C stick   D racket  
8.   A beating   B gaining   C winning   D knocking  



You are writing a short article (100 words) to a school newspaper about a famous British writer. Include the following information:

•inform about his / her role in the world literature;

•write which literary works enjoyed the greatest popularity.




Read the texts given below. For questions (1–5), choose from the cookbooks (A–F).


A ‘Cooking with kindness’, by Lisa Stebb

This innovative cookbook is an instant classic. It contains over 800 vegetarian recipes, many of which are also appropriate for vegan cooks. You’ll also find information on nutrition for vegetarians, and techniques for buying, storing and preparing veggies. Try the Tofu, Tomato and Goat Cheese Quiche, and Grilled Eggplant and Red Pepper Panini.

B ‘Sorbets & Ice Creams’, by Mario Gelato

From lusciously creamy ice creams to light and fruity sorbets, this dessert book has refreshing treats to delight every palate. Filled with over 200 recipes, the book is a must for ice cream lovers everywhere. From a light Banana Sorbet to a sinful Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream, there is a flavour and texture to suit every taste.

C ‘The Complete Guide to Cooking Light’, by Jack Handy

This cookbook is ideal for the health conscious individual. It is filled with 250 recipes that cut out fat (but not taste). Included are tips for reducing carbohydrate cravings, for losing weight and exercising, and for supplementing the diet with the necessary nutrients. Jack Handy’s lowcarbohydrate, high protein recipes include Mushroom Stuffed Turkey Breast and HerbSeasoned Swordfish.

D ‘Shrimps Galore’, by Louise Leblanc

Dive into this collection of more than 650 shrimp recipes. Whether you love shrimp fried, steamed, baked, or broiled, in cream sauce or garlic sauce, crispy, crunchy, hot or cold, you’re about to fall in love with shrimp all over again. For a formal dinner, a quick family meal or a tasty snack, ‘Shrimps Galore’ has the perfect shrimp recipe for every occasion.

E ‘Authentic Asian Cuisine’, by Christine Tran

Inspired by local traditions, this book focuses on stirfrying, steaming and the use of fresh vegetables. It opens with an introduction on Chinese ingredients for the pantry (bean curd, daikon, tofu) and tools needed for cooking (a steamer, rice cooker, and wok). This collection features such Asian specialties as Chicken Chow Mein and StirFried Duck with Plum Sauce.

F ‘Tapas Delight’, by Roberto Munoz

Welcome to a world of mouthwatering finger foods. This edition lets readers import Spain’s greatest culinary invention into their own homes with dozens of great tapas recipes, ranging from simple plates of Spanish finger food to a variety of more complex dishes such as Spanish Omelettes, Shrimp with Garlic and Stuffed Tomatoes.

Which cook book would you buy if:

you don’t eat meat? (1) …

you have high cholesterol? (2) …

you love sweets? (3) …

you want to learn how to cook Oriental food? (4) …

you love Spanish food? (5) …



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