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Read the text. Put the paragraphs of the text in the correct order.

A Michelle and her friends then went their separate ways to go home. When Michelle arrived home, she fished in her bag for the house keys. They were missing. She frowned and poured out all the contents of her bag onto the ground. Then, she sieved through them but still, the keys were nowhere to be found! She must have left them in the house when she went out. To make things worse, her parents were both at work and would not be home for another two hours. She went over to her neighbour’s house, thinking that if they were home, she could wait for her parents there. Unfortunately, her neighbours were out too.

B After that day, Michelle learnt her lesson. Her mother then attached her house keys to a lanyard so that it could be hung around Michelle’s neck. Hopefully, in this way, Michelle would not forget her keys again.

C Michelle left the house to meet up with several friends at the shopping center. She skipped along the path, whistling a tune as she made her way there. They were meeting first for lunch. Michelle suggested that they had pizza for lunch and everyone cheered in agreement. Pizza was her favourite food. She especially loved eating the melted cheese on top of it. It would be a delicious and satisfying lunch.

D With a sigh, Michelle went downstairs to look for a public telephone to call her mother. She explained the situation to her mother and her mother advised her to wait at the void deck for her. Michelle had no choice but to do just that. Luckily, Michelle was someone with the habit of carrying a story book with her everywhere she went. She went downstairs to read her book while waiting for her mother to return from work.

E Once everyone had filled their stomachs, they went to the cinema that was located on the top floor. There was a comedy screening and it was a unanimous decision to watch that. Despite just having had lunch, Michelle enjoyed munching on popcorn while watching movies. She shared a box with her friend. The movie was hilarious and all of them enjoyed it. At certain scenes, Michelle even laughed until she felt tears in her eyes. When the movie was over, they were still talking about the funny scenes and laughing about them.



For questions 1–8, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap.

If you’re looking for a fun way to keep fit, get your skates on and try rollerblading. (1) ..... the sport’s chief attractions is the fact that it gets you out into the fresh air and it’s very sociable.

In (2) ..... of its young, trendy image, rollerblading is suitable for all ages and is a great activity for the whole family. The main venues are parks. In big city parks there are always other skaters around to give you (3) ..... and in some parks you can even (4) ..... a private lesson.

Looking at the slim, futuristic shape of a pair of in-line skates, it’s

hard to (5) ..... how you could even stand on them, let alone skate.

To (6) ..... confidence, start by trying them out on the living rock carpet, as this will slow down the movement, so you feel more (7) ..... control. If you’ve never skated, roller-skated or skied you’ll (8) ..... find it strange at first.


1.   A Between   B One   C All   D Among  
2.   A addition   B spite   C order   D case  
3.   A suggestion   B opinion   C warning   D advice  
4.   A reserve   B rent   C book   D programme  
5.   A imagine   B assume   C suppose   D realise  
6.   A take   B earn   C gain   D collect  
7.   A in   B on   C with   D out of  
8.   A entirely   B mostly   C maybe   D probably  



You have decided to send a letter of 100 words to your English-speaking friend with the sights of your home town on it. Include the following information:

•name the sights in the pictures;

•write where they are and why they are famous;

•invite your friend to come and visit them one day.

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