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Leisure tourism is also called pleasure tourism or holiday tourism. It is a type of tourism when a person goes on holiday and does not travel on business. Thus, the purpose of tourism in this case is recreation.

Leisure travellers look for sun, sea and sand. They want to go sunbathing, swimming and diving. So this kind of travellers go to sea resorts or holiday camps and stay at resort hotels.

Leisure travellers enjoy organized entertainment and sport. In a resort hotel there are always swimming-pools, fitting-centres, tennis courts, discos. A resort hotel offers its customers contests, concerts, shows, animation programmes for children. Usually it offers tours and visits to different attractions: local sights or amusement or theme parks.

Holiday-makers normally travel with their families and children. There are other ways to travel for pleasure: cruising and coaching, motoring and hiking.

More and more working people will have longer paid holidays and long weekends in future. More and more people will retire at an earlier age. It means that more and more people will travel for leisure in future.

Comprehension questions

1.How is leisure tourism called?

2.What type of travel is leisure tourism?

3.What do leisure travellers look for?

4.Where do leisure travellers go on holiday?

5.What do leisure travellers enjoy?

6.What does a resort hotel offer?

7.What are other ways to travel for pleasure?

8.Why will more and more people travel for pleasure in future?



Sports tourism is a type of active holiday. The purpose of a sporting tour is to exercise and keep physically fit. At the same time travellers enjoy natural surroundings, fresh air and clean water.

Travellers combine action and relaxation during a sporting holiday.

Tourist companies offer hiking, cycling, boating, rafting and other kinds of sporting tour.

Very often sporting tours require preparation and special training. First the tour instructors will plan the itinerary. Then they will train tourists how to use sporting equipment. They will explain the details of the route. They will define means of transportation, provision of meals and overnight accommodation.

During some tours travellers carry their luggage and sporting equipment themselves. During some other tours special carriers transfer the luggage for them. It depends on the difficulty of the tour, on the tourist destination and the local practice.

Within sports tourism there is water tourism, mountain tourism and mountaineering, skiing. Sports tourism is popular all year round.

Comprehension questions

1.What type of holiday is sporting tour?

2.What is the purpose of a sporting tour?

3.What do travellers enjoy during a sporting tour?

4.What kind of sporting tours do tourist companies offer?

5.How will instructors prepare travellers for sporting tours?

6.What will instructors plan before the tour?

7.Who carries the tourists' luggage during a sporting tour? What does it depend on?

8.What types of tourism are there within sports tourism?



Business tourism is a travel for business purposes.

Business travellers are businessmen and government officials. They travel on different missions. They often travel to attend a convention. Convention tourism is a part of business tourism. It involves taking part in a conference or a seminar.

Business travellers often travel to attend an international exhibition or a trade fair.

There are tourist companies that provide business services. Those are fax, telex and telephone communications, secretarial services, answering service, business meeting arrangements. There are business facilities for business travellers at hotels, airports, on airplanes.

Business travel will develop faster than other types of tourism in future. There will be more business tourists and more tourist companies which will deal with business tourism. They will provide more services in future. They will collect information on markets and trade partners, provide economic data on monitors, arrange negotiations, offer pre-convention and post-convention tours.

Comprehension questions

1.What kind of travel is business tourism?

2.What kind of tourists are business travellers?

3.What do business tourists travel for?

4.What does convention tourism involve?

5.What business services do tourist companies provide?

6.Where are business facilities?

7.What kind of other business services will tourist companies provide in future?

8.What sort of tours will tourist companies offer to business travellers?


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