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Incentive tourism means that a business company offers holiday tours to its employees and covers all travel expenses.

On the one hand, the company does it as a reward or a bonus to a person for his successful work.

On the other hand, the company does it as an incentive for the future. The company hopes that the employee will work even better in future and bring profit to the company.

Very often an employer sets a target for an employee: «You will earn a holiday in France for your family if you exceed your quota by 10 per cent next year».

Incentive tourism emerged in the 1960s in the USA. Later on it spread in Europe. But only large progressive corporations offer tours to their employees.

In some countries there are specialist tourist companies which arrange incentive tours for business corporations. They take great responsibility because incentive tours go under the name of the business corporation. It means that good travel arrangements will improve its reputation. Bad travel arrangements will shake its reputation.

This type of tourism is still a very small part of international tourism. Most probably this type of tourism won't grow in future.

Comprehension questions

1.What does incentive tourism mean?

2.Why does a business company offer incentive tours to its employees?

3.What sort of target does an employer set for the employee?

4.When and where did incentive tourism emerge?

5.What kind of companies offer incentive tours?

6.Why do tourist companies take great responsibility when they arrange incentive tours for business corporations?

7.How popular is this type of tourism?



Familiarization tourism is often called just FAM tourism. It means that a business company sends its staff on educational tours to its branches or other business companies in other cities and countries.

If a travel agency sends its travel clerks on FAM tours, it means that they will have educational visits to a tourist destination. There they will get familiar with local facilities, hotels, restaurants and attractions. They will study a tour operator's or local travel agency's practice.

The main purpose of travel clerks on a FAM tour is to get necessary knowledge from personal experience. When the clerks return home, they will know what to offer and what to explain to their customers about the destination.

Some experts say that FAM tourism is a part of incentive tourism. On the one hand, such a tour is an incentive to the travel agency staff selling holidays. On the other, it is a benefit to the tour operator which arranges them.

FAM tourism is very popular and will become even more popular in future.

Comprehension questions

1.What does familiarization tourism mean?

2.What do travel agencies send their clerks on FAM tours for?

3.What do travel clerks get familiar with during FAM tours?

4.What is the main purpose of travel clerks on a FAM tour?

5.What will the travel clerks know when they return home?

6.Why do some experts say that FAM tourism is a part of incentive tourism?


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