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XII. Put the verbs in a suitable tense, Active or Passive.

Dear Sally,

How are you? We`ve been having a lovely time. We`re being well looked after by our hosts. We (take) sightseeing and we (introduce) to some of their friends, who (make) us feel welcome. Last night we (show) round a castle, by the owner! Most of the land in this area (belong) to his family for about five hundred years. Apparently, the land (give) to them after one of his ancestors (kill) while trying to save the king`s life. Quite romantic, isn`t it? The castle itself was a little bit disappointing, to be absolutely honest. The owner told us that it (suffer) serious damage during a fire about thirty years ago. When it (restore) they (add) central heating and things like that. So once you`re inside it (not/feel) much different to any other large, old house. But the owner is real character. He told us lots of stories about things that (happen) to him when he was young. He (send) abroad to work in a bank, but he hated it, so he (behave) very badly in order to (sack). He kept us laughing for hours. I hope he (invite) here before we leave.

I`ll have lots more to tell you when we get back. Take care.

Yours affectionately,


XIII. Replace the phrase underlined with the structure have something done.

1. I din`t recognise Sally. The hairdresser`s dyed her hair.

2. I`ve been getting a lot of annoying phone calls, so the telephone company is going to

change my number.

3. Maria broke her leg six weeks ago but she`s much better now. In fact the doctors

should be taking the plaster off tomorrow.

4. Since Rowland made a lot of money, he`s not content with the little cottage, so an ar

chitect`s designed him a fine new house.

5. This room gets too hot when the sun shines so I`m getting someone to fit blinds on

the windows.

6. I heard that mrs Green didn`t trust her husband so she hired a detective to follow him!

7. We don`t really know what Shakespeare looked like. I wish he had asked someone to

paint his portrait before he died.

8. My sister had always been self-conscious about her nose so she decided to go to a clinic for an operation which will straighten it.

XIV. Open the brackets using have something done.

1. We (the house/paint) at the moment.

2. (You/your hair/cut) last week?

3. Your tooth goes on aching. I think you should (it/fill).

4. How often (you/your car/service)?

5. The engine in Tom`s car couldn`t be repaired, so he had to (a new engine/fit).

6. (You/your newspaper/deliver) or do you buy it yourself?

7. What are those workmen doing in your garden? Oh, I (a swimming pool/build).

8. Can I see those holiday photographs you took? I`m afraid not. I (not/the film/

develop) yet.

9. Is it true that many years ago he (his portrait/ paint) by a famous artist?

XV. Rewrite the sentences using have something done.

1. Jane is going to ask a carpenter to put the doors up.

2. Tony asked a mechanic to fix the car.

3. You should ask a plumber to change the pipe.

4. Mike is going to ask the tailor to make a suit for him.

5. Did he ask the optician to test his eyes?

6. They will ask a chef to cook the meal.

7. The report is being typed by his secretary.

8. When will your new shower be installed?

9. He may ask a builder to repair his roof.

10. I`ve asked the secretary to rewrite the whole report.

11. Her children are being taught computer science.

12. Can`t you ask someone to repair your washing machine?

13. Mary`s lawn was mowed yesterday.

14. She wants someone to make her a dress.

15. I used to ask the dentist to polish my teeth every six months.

16. Our house needs to be painted.

17. Sharon might ask someone to dye her hair red tomorrow.

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