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IV. Turn the sentences from Active into Passive.


I. Insert the required tense in Passive.

1. I don`t want to hear another word. I (never/so/insult) in my whole life.

2. But what shall I do if you (kill)?

3. He waited, before he spoke again, until the ale (bring) and the door (close).

4. Merriman, order the dog-cart at once. Mr Ernest (suddenly/call back) to town.

5. In 1834 the Houses of Parliament, with the exception of Westminster Hall (destroy) by fire. They (rebuild) by Sir Charles Barry.

6. Lanny noticed that he (watch) by three white men.

7. It was past eleven o`clock a late hour for the little village when Mr Pickwick retired to the bedroom which (prepare) for his reception.

8. We (scold) if we (see), but never mind.

9. The Nobel Prize (give) to him in 1924 when the advent of wave mechanics had revealed the importance of his work, ten years after his famous experiment (perform).

10. The tea-things (scarcely/put away) when he arrived.

11. The little patient (examine) and (soothe), and now lay composed in her crib.

12. It was an idea that (discuss) by Colonel Melchett and Colonel Bantry at that moment.

13. The oldest of London`s present-day theatres is the Royal Theatre which (open) in 1663 and since then (reconstruct) several times.

14. She kept an eye on the Leanham people to see that her action (duly/notice).

15. After a few routine questions (ask) and (answer), he leant back in his chair and smiled.

II. Put the verbs in the correct tense.

The building at the top of the High Street is Barford Hall. It (build) in 1827 and today it (regard) as the finest Georgian building in the county. A number of changes (make) since it (build), but the front of the building (not/change). Today the Hall (own) by Bardale Council, and for the last ten years it (use) as a home for Barford Arts Centre. At the moment a small art gallery (build) behind the Hall.

III. Choose the correct form.

Millions of pounds worth of damage (has caused/has been caused) by a storm which (passed/was passed) across north of England last night. The River Ribble (burst/was burst) its banks after heavy rain. People (rescued/were rescued) from the floods by firemen, who (received/were received) numerous calls for help. Wind speeds (reached/were reached) ninety miles an hour in some places. Roads (blocked/were blocked) by fallen trees and electricity lines (brought/were brought) down, leaving thousands of homes without electricity. `Everything possible (is doing/is being done) to get the situation back to normal`, a spokesman (said/was said).

IV. Turn the sentences from Active into Passive.

1. An expert is restoring the antique car.

2. He has directed a lot of films.

3. The judge has fined us $500.

4. A number of reporters will meet the professor at the airport.

5. A famous designer is going to decorate the President`s house.

6. The Romans founded Bath in the first century AD.

7. Astronauts are exploring space.

8. The government will have introduced new measures against crime by the next winter.

9. She offered me a cup of coffee.

10. A nightmare woke her up.

11. Scientists might discover a cure for cancer.

12. Someone should help the old woman across the street.

13. They must have arrested the suspect.

14. We should have provided more food at the reception.

15. He could have written the answers more clearly.

V. Insert by or with.

1. The window was broken ______ a hammer.

2. He was knocked down _______ a car.

3. The lion was shot ______ a rifle.

4. That novel was written _______ D. Lawrence.

5. The garden was dug ______ a spade.

6. The city was attacked _______ the enemy.

7. The pudding was made ______ fruit and chocolate.

8. He was hit ______ a handbag.

9. The picture was painted ______ Pollack.

10. The house was built ______ wood and bricks.

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