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Western Europe has the same basic environmental problems, but they take different forms in each country. If you catch a fish in the Seine near Paris it may be blind and without scales, a victim of pollution. In the Rhine you will catch no fish at all. The Mediterranean is actually dying from pollution.

It is fair to say, that a considerable effort has been made in Britain with regard to Thames. By 1949 it was being described as a stinking black mess with no fish and almost no oxygen. There was an outcry and something had to be done. Legislation stopped the flow of industrial waste into the river, and nearly all the sewage is treated before it gets to water. Fish have come back and one salmon has been caught.

One of Britain's environmental successes has been the control of air pollution especially in London. Thirty years ago hundreds of people died every year from the dreadful London smog. Since then London and many other cities have become smokeless zones, areas where no coal fires are allowed. But now the increase in traffic is threatening serious air pollution problems in cities once again.

The most common form of air pollution comes from cigarette smoke which pollutes many public places like cinemas, pubs, and restaurants. Traffic and aircraft can cause serious noise pollution. Friends of the Earth suggest that the bicycle is the best way to travel because it's cheap, quiet and a good form of exercise.


2. Find in the text English equivalents to the following words and word combinations:


забруднення, жертва, туман з димом, промислові відходи, стічні води, загроза, змінювати біосферу, законодавство, шум, загрозливий.


3. Make up sentences from the following sets of words. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian.


1. Pollution, is, dying, from, the Mediterranean, actually.

2. The river, stopped, legislation, industrial, of the flow, waste, into.

3. Pollution, traffic, and, noise, aircraft, serious, cause, can.

4. The most common, from, comes, smoke, form, cigarette, of air pollution.

5. The Earth, off, suggest, the best way, is, to travel, that, the bicycle, friends, of.


4.Insert the article a/the where it is necessary.


1. If you catch _____ fish in Seine near Paris, it may be without scales.

2. _____ friends of _____ Earth suggest that _____ bicycle is _____ best way to travel.

3. _____ traffic and aircraft can cause serious noise pollution.

4. _____ Mediterranean is actually dying from pollution.

5. _____ main river of _____ Great Britain is ____ Thames.

6. _____ London and many other cities have become smokeless zones.


5. Answer the following questions:


1. What are the most polluted places in Western Europe?

2. What did English legislation do to stop the flow of industrial waste into the river?

3. What do friends of the Earth suggest to be the best way to travel?


Section 1


1.Read and translate the following text:


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