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Television in our life.

The name Television comes from Greek word meaning far and Latin word to see so it means to see far.

Experiments in broadcasting television began in the 1920s but were interrupted by World war II. Television signals are also now transmitted from satellites direct to household satellite dishes.

Television is the main source of news for many house holds around the world. TV does what none of the other media can: it brings the sight and sounds of some important news events by means of filmed, taped or live reports.

TV is one of the best inventions the man has ever made. Thanks to TV we get a great amount of information . It gives wonderful possibilities for education.TV gives opportunity to see the best actors, sport matches, to meet famous people.TV brings the world to our room. We become cultured people by learning more of the arts.

Thus, we can say that TV is a great force which attracts millions of people to the screens. But tastes alter. Some people are against TV. They say that TV is doing a lot of harm. It occupies a lot of free time. Nowadays many people sit watching TV hour by hour. You can simply switch off your TV-set. Nobody can deny the fact, that TV is a great force in the world today.


Great Britain

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated on the British Isles. It consists of four parts: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England, Wales and Scotland occupy the territory of Great Britain. Northern Ireland is situated in the northern part of Ireland.

The territory of the United Kingdom is about 244,000 square kilometers ,it is the 75th place among other countries in the world. The population is over 56.5 million. About 80% of the population is urban. The capital of the country is London.

The Surface of Great Britain varies greatly. The northern and western part of the country is mountainous and is called the Highlands. All the rest is a vast plain which is called the lowlands. The mountains are not very high, the rivers are not long. The most important of them are the Severn and the Thames. There are many beautiful lakes in the mountainous parts of the country.

The mountains, the Atlantic Ocean and the warm waters of the Gulf Stream influence the climate of Great Britain. Great Britain is a highly developed industrial country. One of the chief industries of the country is ship-building.

Great Britain is a country with old cultural traditions and customs. The most famous educational centres are Oxford and Cambridge universities.

The United Kingdom is a .monarchy and the Queen is the head of state. But in practice it is ruled by the elected government with a Prime Minister at the head. The British Parliament consists of two chambers: the House of Lords and the house of commons.


Radio in our life.

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine our life without radio, television, computer, telephone. We use telecommunication services practically every minute. And often we do not think about huge and powerful telecommunication industry that embraces the whole globe with its networks.

The first regularly scheduled radio broadcasts began in the U.S. in 1920.Expansion of both audience and transmission facilities continued rapidly. Another important use of this means of communicating is in shipping. Radar system also enable air-traffic controllers to follow and guide the flight paths of planes from take-off to landing.

Radio-paging systems enable us to be connected even thought we do not have a telephone within easy reach. It is a way of letting us know that something important has just happened and that we must act quckly. The most modern type of radio-pager displays the number of the telephone the caller is ringing from. The main advantage of radio-paging is that you can be connected wherever you are, even though you may be a long way from a telephone set. At present you can send messages to a pager through internet.

Many companies which have personnel on business trips have found that radio-paging improves their competitive position.




The republican Unitary Telecommunication Enterprise(RUE) Beltelecom was founded in 1995. Beltelecom is the largest company in the sector of electrical communications in Belarus. Being a National Telecommunications Operator of the Republic of Belarus it provides to companies and citizens the services of local, inter-city and international telephone, telegraph and telematic communications. Beltelecom is the primary Internet provider in Belarus offering access to international and national resources on the Internet, and lease of international digital groups,and circuits of any capacity.

Beltelecom incorporates:

Minsk Local Telephone Network;

Republican Trunk Exchange;

Minsk Telegraph and Telephone Exchange;

State-owned Telecommunications entities

For the years that passed, the enterprise has installed a telecommunication network covering the territory of the country. A fiber optic backbone network connects all mobile operators in the country to international exchange offering national and international roaming with neighboring countries.

Thanks to Beltelecom Belarus, a new European state situated between the West and Russia, has become the very link in the world of communication that ties the West and East Europe and other regions.


BelCel Joint Venture( JV) is the first wireless operator in the Republic of Belarus. It offers services of the most advanced third-generation cellular telecommunication system. BelCel JV was founded by the Belarusian telecom enterprises and British company Cable &Wireless plc. The company's name is a Russian version of the English abbreviation BELCEL that means "Belarusian Cellular".

Commercial operation of the network was launched on May 7, 1993. In the course of the work, BelCel was staffed with highly qualified personnel. Belarusian, banks, embassies and key commercial companies were the first subscribers of BelCel JV. Within several months cellular communications became available in all regional centres.

The capacity of modernized BelCel network is enough to provide all the subscribers with the hight quality telecom services. BelCel provides the highest level of customer care, safe cellular communication technology. BelCel JV has become a father of cellular communications in Belarus and brought the meaning of" a mobile phone" to our people. Telecommunications has become popular, therefore the second million of users shall not keep waiting.

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