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The Inventor of the Radio

Our college

I study at the higher State College of Communication. It is situated in Minsk. Many students from the different parts of Belarus study there.

I am very proud of being a student of this college. It was founded in 1930 as Minsk Elektrotechnical School. The time time passed in 1993 it was renamed into the Higher State College of communication. The system of education in our college is quite new for our country. At the first or middle level you can get a secondary special education.

If you study well you will be allowed to pass to exams the higher level. There you will be able to get a higher education. For our classes we have two buildings and three hostels to live in. So in our college we have all necessary conditions to get a good education and to become the specialists of high quality.

There are many good equipped laboratories, auditoriums and computer classes. Our college is patronized by the Ministry of Communication and supplied with all modern equipment and fresh information.

To enter our college is very difficult and it is not easy to study here. But I feel that it is my cup of tea and try to do the best to become a good specialist.

At the post-office.

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine our life without post services. At this time nobody is surprised, receiving a letter sent some days ago. We know that millions of letters travel by trains, by sea and air.

But there were times, when the things were different. Two hundred years ago kings and governors had a service of messengers, which connected the kingdom capital with provinces . Post offices were located on all main roads with an interval of 50 kilometers, but they were accessible only for aristocracy.

Now there are some post offices in every town, which offer various services to citizens. You can send a simple or registered letter, a telegram, a printed matter or a post parcel. One can purchase mail paper, stamps , envelopes, postcard there.

If you want to send a letter, you should purchase an envelope. The number of post stamps will depend on what kind of letter you send. If you send any important documents, it is better to send them by certified mail. Such letter will cost a little bit more, but will be handed to the recipient personally in his hands.

If you want a telegram be sent, firstly you should fill in a form, then the employee will calculate the amount of words and will tell you, how mach service is. Nowadays to send a telegram you donít need to go to a post-office because it can be made by telephone.


The Inventor of the Radio

Contemporary life is impossible without information network. Which keeps people informed on the topical events of the day. Radio, one of the most accessible mass media, was invented by Alexander Stepanovich Popov on May 7 /April 25 /1895.∑so, in 1995 the whole world celebrated the 100 - year anniversary of this great invention. .

A. Popov 11859'-1906/ was the greatest Russian scientist and inventor. He was born in the family of a priest. First he studied at Perm Clergy Seminary. In 1882 he graduated from Petersburg University.

Alexander Popov possessed extensive knowledge of electrical theory and wide experience in this field. He was a unique man. Being a scientist he always carried on some practical work. He did much for the Russian Navy having introduced electricity in it.

The work of the receiver was based on the arc discharge principle. Popov constantly perfected his radio -receiver. The scientist found out experimentally that a free wire connected to his device increased the range of the latter. Thus he invented the first antenna in the world.

Popov's wireless communication was used in the Naval Ministry. It became the basis of radiolocation for detecting battleships.

The great Russian inventor did not make any secret of his discovery, describing it in press making reports about it. His invention excited interest all over the world. He preferred to serve his motherland.

Only during and after the Great October revolution the new means of communication invented by Alexander Popov was widely used by the young Soviet government.

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