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1. Much of the European Commission's activity is carried out at a technical level in Committees, and the Commission is with some justification accused of excessive secrecy.

2. The EU Commission, which is responsible for proposing and enforcing European legislation, is disliked by many in Europe as a federalizing agency and is often misunderstood because of the complex and bureaucratic nature of its work.

3. The trip to Brussels by the Norwegian Prime Minister and Finance

Minister is largely for appearances sake, and /5 being made at the request of pro-European Union factions in Parliament.

4. The fact that China's crisis is derived from stalled reforms of state-owned industries and the financial sector is well understood.

5. The whole EU budget is being argued about. Both Britain and Germany want to cut farm spending, while France wants a big increase in prices for its farmers.

6. The truth has been proven for many times that the human rights issue will not be resolved through confrontation,)) China's foreign minister said in a statement.

7. Those killed at the weekend were trying to collect leaking fuel when they were caught in the blast, apparently caused by a spark of a cigarette.

8. The changes were denounced by opposition politicians and labour leaders as likely to further deflate the already limp British economy and push unemployment even higher.

9. The development of markets to trade oil and oil futures means that price signals are relayed faster and more efficiently.

10. Comments made by the U.S. ambassador about Mexican-Cuban relations have been attacked as gross interference in the international affairs of Mexico and a violation of the universally-accepted diplomatic norms.

In expressing discontent with Mexico's friendly relations with Cuba, the U.S. ambassador publicly stated that the U.S. could not understand the close friendship.

11. Only when agreement is reached on the role and powers of the second chamber does it make sense to consider its composition [Britain].

12. One day the world will learn of the intrigues and provocations that were resorted to in pushing the country into this suicidal policy.

13. The new program has just been launched. There has been an increase in the number of minority applicants. But it is not enough. The program is also required, under the terms of the grant, to provide the necessary student support services for ethnic minority students and to expand and sharpen the current program's responsiveness to the special needs of client populations from ethnic minority groups.

14. The preeminence given to military industry and technology over the last three decades, has had a delayed but serious impact upon the civilian industrial economy. In stark contrast to the enormous sums allotted over the years to military technology, civilian technology has been starved for capital and thus for talent.

15. Investing in oil is done mainly through futures contracts. These involve obligations to buy or sell a fixed amount of oil at a fixed date.

16. He is survived by two sons.

17. Nations against the State is not a great book or even a very good one. It is dully written, eccentrically organised, sloppily edited and has apparently not been proofread at all, and the reader /5 irked by Mr. Keating's continual refusal to answer the main questions.

18. The report has nothing to do with the Govenment and doesn't reflect its views. No one in the Goverment was involved in drawing it up.

19. , cars don't behave. They are behaved upon, the son in Driving Miss Daisy tells his mother when she tries to blame her Packard for an accident.

20. Most Americans do not need news but were made to think that watching it on television is a kind of social hygiene, like regular tooth-brushing, says a journalist for the public broadcasting network.

21. In this age in which income transfers are deeply imbedded in politics, the IMF doesn't lack clients.

22. Indonesia's riots have been linked to economic hardships, ethnic and religious tensions and political turmoil.

23. Aid can keep bad governments in business; and promises to improve policy, made when the aid is first offered, are often forgotten once it has been delivered.

24. Police and soldiers have been ordered to shoot rioters and troublemakers on sight, and a rapid-response force is being raised to deal with outbreaks of unrest.

25. If a second ballot is required, the low vote getter will be eliminated as the top two face off.

26. The company's tax returns and payments are reviewed on a regular basis by relevant tax authorities.

27. Just how the body's natural defence mechanism against bacteria and viruses works is being more closely examined at the National Institute for Medical Research at Mill Hill, London.

28. Thousands of domestic servants are being brought into the United States from impoverished countries and then severely exploited b foreign employers, many of whom work for embassies and international organizations in the Washington area, according to human rights groups, immigration attorneys and former domestics.

29. Yet failing banks can be dealt with. Asia's current difficulties have already been faced and mostly overcome in Latin America. And the pathology of bank-driven distress is familiar in many rich western countries too not least in Britain. The lessons are there to be learned.

30. Indonesia has been racked by waves of unrest over the past year as ethnic, religious and social tensions boiled over, fueled by spiraling poverty amid the country's worst economic and political crisis in decades.

31. With the complicity of a sympathetic media, belief is presented as fact, and data are simply made up.

32. Scrap car law may be recycled. Laws that will make it illegal to scrap a car in many ways except through recycling yards are being considered by the Government.

33. The Treasury Chief Secretary issued a warning that further action would have to be taken to stop big pay rises in the private sector to meet inflation targets.

34. The Government must ensure that the unions were not called upon to accept impossible tasks and then be blamed because they failed.

35. Another speaker thought that some of the older mental hospitals can only be adequately dealt with by pulling them down and rebuilding them.

36. Relations between the Chinese and the Malays, who make up 15% of Singapore's population, have sometimes been strained. Malay remains the national language, but it is not spoken by most Chinese and is largely seen as a relic of Singapore's past union with Malaysia.

37. All that the schools can be asked to promise is that everyone will be educated to the limit of his capacities.

38. China is far from being in recession, unlike many of its neighbors. Certainly, China's exports will be badly hit this year, and previous high levels of foreign investments will fall. Yet, the export sector remains relatively small. It is China's domestic economy that counts, and this is shielded from external shocks by a largely non-convertible currency.

39. Unless another attempt is made at a serious reform of the CAP (common agricultural policy), the heads of government have made it unlikely that any large Central European country can be admitted to the Union at an acceptable cost.

40. People on the left have as often been disappointed by Labour governments as those on the right have been alarmed by them.

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