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1. The Saudis are well aware that their oil revenues would increase if they boosted production, because any fall in price would be more than offset by an increase in volume.

2. It would be dangerous folly to write off as insignificant the revival of nazi-type extremism in Europe.

3. In preparation for their meeting tomorrow it would be a very good idea if Trades Union Congress leaders would make a point of meeting the rank-and-file workers who are lobbying Parliament today.

4. If the Saudi royal family, in particular, were overthrown, it would send oil markets into turmoil.

5. This veto provision reflects the conviction of those who drafted the Charter that the United Nations would be unable to take an important initiative for the maintenance of peace and security unless there was unanimity among the big powers, and that to attempt so would be a futile gesture endangering the organization.

6. The blacks believe that if white children had been involved in the tragedy it would have received huge public and press attention.

7. Iraq wants a date for sanctions to end. They could have ended long since if Iraq had not been trying to rearm and Unscom (UNSCOM United Nations Security Council observers mission) had therefore been ready to declare the country free of forbidden weapons.

8. Had there been no international safety net supplied by an act of the U.S. Congress, the Brazilian President might have seen fit to work harder.

9. The former Yugoslavia's people have lived together for centuries with greater and lesser degrees of conflict but not constant cleansing)) of peoples from their land. Had they experienced nothing but that, their nations would be homogeneous today, not endlessly diverse.

10. David Hare's play Plenty opened to poor notices and would have lasted a fortnight had he not been in a position to nurse it. Eventually it reached Broadway and became a film.

11. Turkey's prime minister, who has been a hawk on foreign policy issues, argued that were it not for external inteference, Turkey's so-called Kurdish problem could easily be solved by planned economic and educational improvements.

12. After tending to flower arrangements and throwing lavish parties, she takes up the task of hard-bitten negotiator one who barks at top executives as if they were naughty children.

13. Accounting for about 40 per cent of OPEC production, Saudi Arabia currently enjoys enormous leverage over the market and its oil-producing colleagues. If it were to cut back sharply, however, sagging oil prices would almost certainly jump up once again.

14. The major U.S. auto companies lost an astonishing $4.2 billion last year. Of the three, only General Motors is likely to show a profit this year. If the two weaker companies were to collapse, hundreds of thousands of jobs would be lost in the auto industry alone, and perhaps a million jobs, taking into account the industries that produce materials for cars such as steel and glass.

15. One of their fears is that the auto industry, if given relief, would increase prices rather than production. Another argument that they have used is that even if production were to increase, General Motors would pick up roughly 60 per cent of the lost Japanese sales and that would not provide enough help for Chrysler and Ford.

16. Such extraordinary growth of the political correctness industry would quickly slacken if the driving force behind it the language of political correctness were to go out of fashion.

17. Any proposal to go ahead with this disgusting weapon should be vigorously combatted. It may be immensely profitable to the chemical industry, but if ever it were used, it would bring an agonising death to thousands.

18. How would the West respond if one day China, say, were to carry out air strikes against an Indian government fighting to prevent its Muslim-majority province of Jammu & Kashrmir from seceding?

19. The Iraqis see themselves trapped. But the Security Council is no less trapped: were it to bend in the face of Iraqi belligerence, it would destroy its remaining credibility.

20. To permit the programs of the new administration to be imposed upon the people is to embolden the ultra-right. Should this program be carried out, we shall then face a serious change in the situation that could open the road to a fascist America.

21. If Bonn should decide to buy less gas, it would certainly soften U.S. opposition. But if the Germans conclude they need all the gas they are slated to get, there could be trouble.

22. Should the Tories succeed in finding another candidate, we may yet see the spectacle of the three brands of Tories fighting each other for the votes.

23. Today's talks will certainly lay down guide-lines for a Tory Manifesto should an early election materialize.

24. Should any appeal be needed, the Prime Minister will have opportunities for personal chats with backsliders at a party for MPs of previous Parliaments which he will give at 10 Downing Street tonight.

25. Economies depend less on oil than they did. The development of markets to trade oil and oil futures means that price signals are relayed faster and more efficiently. Oil-producing capacity outside OPEC could be brought back on stream should oil prices ever flip up again.

26. They had a special reason for preferring short-time the low normal wastage at its works but, again, fear of a strike if redundancies were declared also influenced the company.

27. Euro-MPs have been emboldened to go after the Commission members as they would never have dared to do in the days of Jacques Delors.

28. If the agreement in Berlin last week was a success, then the world could be forgiven for wondering quite what a failure would have looked like.

29. U.S. Embassy sources stressed that the visas would never have been issued to the five officers, who were presented as diplomats going for routine consultations with their own embassy, if their military function had been known.

30. There would not have been a review if the estimate's conclusions had totally supported the administration's charges.

31. Had the election campaign been still in progress, the wage squeeze might have become an issue.

32. But for import restrictions, quotas and American-imposed embargoes, Anglo-Russian trade would be larger than it is today.

33. But Solana's charm the perpetual smile on his bearded, bespectacled face, and his tactile Mediterranean manners wouldn't work if it was entirely insincere.

34. If the IMF were not refinanced, it could not bail out Brazil and Brazil would go the way of the Asian tigers, with serious repercussions for the US and world economy.

35. It is not possible to devise experiments to test whether, say, US government would be less susceptible to institutional government gridlock if it abandoned the separation of powers, or whether communism could have survived in the USSR had reforms been instigated a generation earlier.

36. Were it not for circular highway that defines the limits of the capital, it would be impossible to know where Paris ends and Boulogne-Billancourt begins.

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