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1. You have a steel industry hemorrhaging with the flooding of our markets with foreign dumped steel, causing losses of thousands of jobs, and the administration is applying a small band-aid to that massive hemorrhage,)) said Senator A.Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania.

2. Among the radical measures are proposals to give the public the right of veto over a new King or Queen, the scraping of the monarch's political powers and the ending of the role of the Sovereign as Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

3. They passed a resolution calling for a world trade conference.

4. With fiscal policy stretched to its limits, Japan's central bank has moved to the centre of a heated debate over whether it should adopt an easing of credit.

5. By dropping its annual sponsorship of a resolution condemning China at the UN Human Rights Commission, now meeting in Geneva, the US administration acknowledges what has long been obvious.

6. Using sharper language than it has in recent years, this year survey of human rights around the world said Beijing had abruptly ended a loosening of curbs on freedom of expression and association.

7. Adding its voice to optimism about the global market for notebook computers this year, Acer Inc. said it expects to boost production of the machine 75% amid falling prices and rising global demand.

8. Rather than come up with cash and watch expensive hardware depreciate, companies increasingly are turning to leasing and outsourcing as alternatives to buying.

9. Crowds gathered at two US Churches where the civil-rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once preached, marking the US holiday bearing his name.

10. The Angola government has insisted on the withdrawal of the latest UN mission, accusing the UN troops of failing to disarm the rebels.

11. For high-tech multinationals like H.P., financing has become an important way to keep Asian sales kicking, as well as a lucrative business believed to total roughly $20 billion a year. It is also becoming a new form of muscle in Asia's tougher market-place.

12. Not that we in America do everything right or that we provide a precise model for the working of a somewhat similar economy, but some long-standing American economic interactions do resemble those developing on the old Continent,)) said a US economics expert.

13. In the EU, a spirit of collective irresponsibility takes hold: rather than reforming, or even seriously thinking about the underlying policies, each country simply seeks to get as much as it can from the trough.

14. Amendments by the European Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee to a draft copyright protection directive would bar all private copying and make illegal such harmless practices as the home taping on video of free TV programmes for later viewing.

15. Building encryption directly into PC hardware raises different product possibilities and policy issues.

16. Competing car and truck makers will think twice before buying a company (Scania AB) in which rival Volvo holds such a large stake.

17. Hoping to discourage currency speculators, Brazil's central bank said that it will reserve the right to use hard-currency reserves to support the real occasionally and in limited form, with the goal of containing brusque movements in exchange rates.

18. In radical democracy, people are seen as having a basic right to participate in the making of any decisions that affect their lives, with democracy simply being the collective process through which this is done.

19. There is already an extraordinarily high level of international cooperation in reporting the basic meteorological data. By knowing as much as possible about what is happening everywhere, weathermen are better able to forecast for local areas anywhere.

20. Three days after the embassy bombing, Clinton approved the export of satellite fuel and explosive bolts to China so it can launch American - made communications satellites.

21. The democratising of China will be a slow business, and whoever is running Beijing should be able to keep a solid grip on foreign policy for some time yet.

22. The 21st century would inevitably be marked by declining standards of living as human population exceeded the carrying capacity of the Earth, leading to mass famine and energy shortages.

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