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1. With everyone asking What sort of European Commission do we want?, it was hard not to ask simultaneously What sort of Europe do we want?

2. With his impeachment trial over, the US President has found himself more easily able to involve himself in foreign policy.

3. With the economy booming and incomes finally beginning to climb for those on the middle and lower rungs of the ladder, a national culture of upscale spending)) has emerged.

4. With state pension systems being stretched by the ageing of Europe's population and with returns on traditional savings instruments shrinking, investors are turning increasingly to mutual funds.

5. In 1980s with their profits falling as viewers turned increasingly to the choice offered by cable TV and VCRs, the networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) were taken over by Wall street deal makers, who thought they could be run more efficiently.

6. With many bonds trading above par, any uncertainty about the implications of the European tax on savings will have an impact on the trading of these securities, said Managing director and Head of European debt capital markets.

7. With the Conservative Party as deeply divided as ever on Europe, its young leader can stamp his little foot as much as he likes and still not end the debate.

8. With the tricky enlargement negotiations ahead, the last thing the EU needs is a prolonged bout of budget bickering.

9. Its economy crumbling, America struggled to escape the global Depression and find its place in a violently changing world.

10. Their worst fears about the national election realized, leaders of the trade union movement now expect an assault against many of organized labor's most cherished programs and interests.

11. With sales of automobiles on the domestic market sagging, and many dealers in deficit, the pressure to export autos last year was acute.

12. With $40 billion of Brazilian dollar reserves having evaporated since Russia's debt default last summer, the move to a floating currency was increasingly favored by officials at the International Monetary Fund and the US Treasury.

13. With 70 per cent of Japan's land area mountainous and a small percentage devoted to farmland, two-thirds of Japan's urban population resides and works in less than 5 per cent of the total land area.

14. With their profits siphoned off by the central government bonds, some production units will undoubtedly have to curtail expansion plans, profit-sharing and other incentives to workers.

15. With German industry pressing for lower interest rates to stimulate investment, the Bundesbank's capacity to defend the mark by hiking rates is extremely limited.

16. With old-age pensions starting at 60 for both men and women, French workers already down tools several years before their counterparts in other rich countries.

17. With the Government doing its utmost to keep wages down, and with price increases due to the EU membership coming on top of price increases arising from the Government policy, the standard of living in this country would be given an extremely serious setback.

18. The rebellion in Mexico is over four years old. Two years ago peace negotiators reached a series of agreements. But the deals broke down later that year, with the rebels claiming that the government did not really mean to act upon them.

19. With an ever-widening band of economic and trade issues appearing in the spectrum of U.N. activities, Western meetings began to follow a pattern of economic rather than political alliances.

20. The European Parliament is coming under sharp criticism with allegations made by members of inflated expenses too much money spent on overseas trips, expensive quarters, and office cleaners.

21. Japanese diplomats said their government's approach is that the lead in opening up new markets should come from industry and commerce, with banks following.

22. A second round of wage talks for insurance and metal workers broke off Wednesday, with employers and unions still far apart on pay increases. 1

23. The US's leading maker of tires for trucks and buses, has embraced globalization, with factories and dealers stretching from Brazil to Europe to Indonesia.

24. The Italian media have carried reports of tragedy as makeshift boats capsize, with many would-be immigrants from North Africa, Asia and Albania drowning before they can reach shore.

25. He is likely, though not yet certain, to continue as prime minister, with Finland continuing on its course of gradual liberalisation on the economic front and faster integration into the rest of Europe in foreign affairs.

26. The annual US report on human rights frequently provokes an angry reaction from targeted countries. They accuse the sole superpower of lecturing the world to adopt its own standards and of hypocrisy, with critics pointing to the US use of death penalty and reports of police brutality.

27. Poland's ruling coalition has run into trouble over health service reforms, with parties both inside and outside the coalition calling for the health minister to resign.

28. Absorbed by Africa, tried by immigration, with the imperial feeling ebbing, India and Pakistan no longer hold the place in the British imagination that they once had.

29. The rapidly expanding Israeli arms industry now ranks seventh among the world's exporters of weapons and defense-related equipment, with sales for the year ending April 1 amounting to about $1.3 billion, a 40 per cent increase over those of the previous year, according to a British military publication.

30. He declared that at the next sitting of the peace conference the proposal should be made to conclude peace, all theoretical questions being excluded.

31. The magnificence of Mughal India was built on conquest and plunder, with between one-third and one-half of India's entire GNP finding its way into the hands of 8,000 imperial officers.

32. England emerged from the war only a formal 'victor', its economy shaken and entering a period of permanent stagnation and decline.

33. Rescue helicopters evacuated thousands of shocked tourists from an Austrian valley Friday as the death toll from a double avalanche rose to 37, with only one victim still buried.

34. Almost all councils are putting up their rents, the reason being the heavy burden of interest for housing.

35. The previous president of the European commission to come from the Grand Duchy (Luxembourg), was widely judged as a flop, with the commission run, in practice, by Belgium's Viscount Etienne Davignon and Italy's Lorenzo Natati.

36. As there is a natural limit to the capacity of consumption of necessities of life (food, etc.), particular attention must be paid to industrialization, consumption prospects in this sphere being particularly unlimited for a long time to come.

37. Government can be understood to include any mechanism through which ordered rule is maintained, its central features being the ability to make collective decisions and the capacity to enforce them.

38. Stupendous storms of terrifying proportions can rage in these unreported areas, with no one knowing of them until the effects of the atmospheric disturbances they cause are felt in local weather days later.

39. Yet never were the problems confronting the country so acute, with the electorate in fact divided on policy issues to a greater degree than for years past.

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