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People buy foodstuffs at the food stores, at the markets and at the supermarkets. It is more convenient to do shopping at the supermarket: you can find there everything you need. More and more people nowadays prefer to provide themselves with foodstuffs for a long period. As they buy in quantities, they go to the supermarket by car and after having done shopping they load their bags and packets into the luggage compartment.

Let us visit one of the supermarkets in the city. It is a one-strayed building, spacious and light, with large shop windows. Inside we can see some signs: Dairy produce, Dry groceries, Vegetables and Fruit, Meat and Fowl, Fish, Bakery Goods, Confectionery and Pastry, Wine. The dairy produce counter is well stocked with fresh milk foodstuffs. What is there for sale? Butter, cheese, curds, cream, sour cream, milk, fruit joghurt, eggs, margarine, mayonnaise. Everything is sold ready packed. Next to this is the bakery counter where everybody can choose whatever he or she likes: white and brown bread, buns, rolls, rings, rusks, pies, cheese cakes and so on. In the dry groceries counter there is also a great choice of produce. You can buy flour, groats, spice, tea, sugar (lump, cube, granulated) there. Besides, customers can find there various packets filled with dry soup, noodles or chips. They are easy to cook within three minutes, that is why they are called instant. The meat and fowl counter Books very attractive too. Chicken, ham, pork, bacon, beef, veal and mutton are at your disposal there. You will find variety of sausages in this section too. special counter handles frozen and fresh fish; smoked and dry fish is also offered to the customers. Besides, the counter is full of sea products, quite exotic and unseen before. There are crabs, shrimps, crawfish, lobsters, oysters. large space is occupied with tinned fish. The section where fruit and vegetables are for sale is called greengrocery. It always attracts lot of customers because irrespective of the season the counters are full of fresh fruit and vegetables grown in Russia or brought from other countries. Apples and pears, oranges, lemons and tangerines, apricots and peaches, bananas and grapes are practically available all the year round. For those who like berries there are strawberries, raspberries, cherries, cranberries and red bilberries nil packed in small baskets. If you want to buy vegetables, you will find everything you need: potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, beetroot, onion, garlic. When doing shopping at the supermarket don't forget to look at the expiry date printed on the packet. You are recommended to use the foodstuff before it. Choosing products customers put them into special basket and with the basket full go to the cashier. The cashier calls the price and gives them check. Visiting supermarket you considerably save your time.

Answer the questions:

1. What is the most popular supermarket in your district'? What counters look attractive there?

2. How often do u visit the supermarket? Do you go there by ?

3. Do u always look at the expiry date when buying dairy or meat foodstuffs?

4. What produce do u buy if u want to cook holiday dinner?

5. Do u like exotic foodstuffs? Which of them did you have to buy?

. Is the price for foodstuffs at the supermarket higher than that in small shops or in the markets'?

7. How much do you spend on foodstuffs week? Can you afford to buy in quantities'?


Say to what counter of the supermarket you go if you want to buy:

granulated sugar, tea, and spice

cheese, sour cream, and butter

chicken, turkey, and frankfurters

trout, shrimps, and caviar

a paste, a bun, and a cake

a bottle of brandy, a tin of beer, and a bottle of champagne

veal, ham, and beef

eggs, margarine, and mayonnaise

herring, tinned fish, and cod


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