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Situation: you are at a radio shop. You need a radio-set. You want it to be both cheap and reliable.

Read the dialogue ęAt a car shopĽ:

The sale is now trying to sell a customer a second-hand Lotus Elan but the customer thinks to prefer a Jaguar.

Man: I think l rather like-the look of that Jaguar.
Salesman: But Lotus is a much better car.
Man: Well, yes, but.
Salesman: Itís smaller and easier to park.
Man: Perhaps, but I need room. Moreover, Jaguar is a good, fast car.
Salesman: But the Lotus has better acceleration. In fact, itís much faster alto longer.
Man: Yes, I know, but I do like the red and black interior of the Jaguar.
Salesman: But the Lotus has seats that are more comfortable.
Man: Mmm. However, I want a quiet car.
Salesman: Well, the Lotus is much quieter than the Jaguar. It makes far less noise.
Man: Yes, but you see Ö
Salesman: Itís a smaller, better, more comfortable car.
Man: Yes, yes. I know itís a fantastic car because I sold it to you altogether Ö last week, remember?

1. What car does the man want to buy?

2. What car does sales man want to sell?

3. What does sales man say about the Lotus?


Read, translate the following dialogue ęAt a car shopĽ. Make up your own by analogy.

A: Well, what do you think?

B: I think we should buy a Ford.

A: I still donít know.

B: They are very reliable.

A: Yes, I suppose so. Moreover, they donít use much petrol.

B: No. They donít cost very much.

A: It was cheapest car we looked at.

B: What do you think?

A: Well, I rather liked the Austin.

B: Yes, I liked it, too. But it was a bit more expensive.

A: Not much.

B: Well, more than we can afford

A: Not really. And it was a pretty color.

B: The color doesnít matter, darling.

A: It matters to me.

B: Well, I think of the extra money.

A: Well, I canít see youíve made up your mind so thereís not much point arguing

Read the text ďThe super Save Department StoreĒ and answer the questions:

The Super Saver Department Store is the most popular in town. It isnít the cheapest, and it isnít the most expensive. It doesnít have the best products and it doesnít have the worst. The furniture isnít the most comfortable you can buy, but itís more comfortable than the furniture at many other stores. The appliances are not the most dependable you can buy but they are more dependable than the appliances at many other stores. And record players and tape records are not (he best you can buy, but they are better than the record players and tape records at many other stores) In addition, the location is convenient, and the salespeople are very helpful. You can see why the Super Saver Department Stare is the most popular I town. The prices are reasonable and the products are good. Thatís why people like to shop there.


  1. Which is the cheapest store in town?
  2. Why isnít it the most popular one?
  3. Which store sells the best products?
  4. What else is the Lord and Lady
  5. Department store famous for?
  6. Why donít people often shop there?
  7. Which store is the most popular in town? Why?


Read the joke:

- Do you save money for a rainy day, dear?

- Oh no, I never go shopping when it rains.


Make up your story about your visit to the department for electrical appliances.


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