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Listen to the talk between two friends and answer the questions below.

1. What are Maggy’s favourite places in London?

2. What are they going to do in the evening?

3. Why does Alex want to go to a cafe?

Maggy:Hey, Alex! I've got an idea. I can show you my favourite place in London.

Alex:Sure, Maggy, I'd like to see that, but where is it exactly?

Maggy:Look beyond the people. What do you see?

Alex:Well, there's a beautiful building over there! It looks like a palace. What is it?

Maggy: It's Buckingham Palace! And all those people are waiting for the Changing of the Guard. It's 11 o'clock so the ceremony will start soon.

Alex:Does this ceremony take place every day?

Maggy:It's held daily only from April to August, when there are lots of tourists. But we aren't going to watch it right now; we're going to the park which is opposite the palace.

Alex:Let me guess. We must be in St. James's Park now!

Maggy:Good guess! You're right, it's St. James's Park, which is a popular place to walk, feed the ducks or watch the pelicans.

Alex:Those people on the lawn seem to be having a picnic. Is it possible to have picnics in London parks?

Maggy:Sure, but you should follow certain rules.

Alex:Okay. What is the magnificent style building opposite the lake?

Maggy:This is St. James's Palace. And behind it, there is an entertainment area of Piccadilly Circus with lots of pubs and cafes. If you like, we can go there later in the evening.

Alex:That's a wonderful idea! But honestly, I'm starving and wouldn't mind having a bite right now.

Maggy:Then let's go to the cafe and have a snack.

Listen to three speakers talking about travelling and answer the questions below.

1. Why do many people travel today according to the first speaker?

2. How does the second speaker describe people who never travel?

3. What can a person gain travelling to other countries according to the third speaker?

Speaker 1:Lots of people believe that travel broadens the mind. A friend of mine went to Cyprus and when he came back, he complained that he could not find English food and everything was so foreign! If one travels with that kind of attitude, one never learns anything about other places and people. Today many people travel not in order to learn, but to 'have a good time' and usually on their terms.

Speaker 2:I've just got back from a trip to Japan and what I learned by just being there is more than I've ever learned on the internet. Talking to some locals, I learned more than school, or internet could teach me. Travel lets you see other people's lives, cultures, customs and traditions from different parts of the world. Travel educates you and makes you knowledgeable. I think that people who never leave their countries are narrow-minded and ignorant.

Speaker 3: I feel sad for those people who have never travelled outside of their own hometown. There's a whole world of different cultures to meet out there, ninety-nine per cent of which you can't have by just sitting in the living room in front of the TV. When you travel to other countries you can see, feel and touch other ways of living. Some places will shock you, others will please you. You will then appreciate your own life and see things in a different way.

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