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Match the parts of the expressions and find their equivalents.



Fill in the correct preposition where necessary, then make sentences using the completed phrases. Suggest Russian equivalents for the phrases given.


to be dependent ______sb

to settle (some) money ______ sb

to be a credit ______ sb

get ______ one's nerves


Find the words/ phrases in Chapter 5 which mean the same as:


1. to remove someone's name from the list of people who will receive one's money or property when one dies

2. to be very careful about how much money you spend, because you do not have very much

3. to make a lot of money in business

4. to make sth twice as big

5. to make sth increase three times as big in the amount



Choose 6 correct words and word combinations out of 9 given below.


1. I should imagine that ……………… will go to Alfred and myself.

2. His behavior was …………………………………. .

3. Sneaking around like a cat and ………………………………… .

4. I don’t fancy he will get much. He went off ………………………..

5. She let down the flap and………………. in its various pigeon holes.

6. Magdalene left the room …………………………………….. .


1. bulk of his money, 2. murmured, 3. precipitately, 4. scorn, 5. disgraceful, 6. smirking, 7. tough, 8. rummaged, 9. to do art or some tomfoolery


Read the statements and mark them as T (true) or F (false).

1. George Lee was happy that their visit to Mr Lee made it possible for them to save some money.

2. Old Mr. Lee had made his fortune digging for gold in Alaska.

3. Margaret Lee felt annoyed not to get as much money as she wanted from old Mr. Lee.

4. Margaret Lee didn't know anything about George's brothers or sisters.

5. Margaret was eager to spent Christmas with her husband's relatives.

6. Margaret was at a loss because she had a lot of un-paid bills.


Describe George Lee.

Describe Margaret Lee.

Comment on Harry Lee's position in the family.

Say, whether Margaret Lee liked the idea of spending Christmas with her husband's family. Give your reasons for her accepting the invitation.


Part 1 Chapter 6


Active vocabulary words

1. flamboyant adj.

2. costly adj.

3. vigour n.

4. gasbag n.

5. heredity n.

6. litter n.

7. carve v.


Recognition vocabulary


1. gold-mounted

2. namby-pamby

3. chamois

4. grandfather armchair


Word combinations


1. pillar of society

2. to take after smb

3. to keep sth a secret

4. the prodigal son

5. to let bygones be bygones

6. to know a thing or two

7. to be done for


Find English equivalents for the following word combinations.



Fill in the correct preposition where necessary, then make sentences using the completed phrases. Suggest Russian equivalents for the phrases given.


1. to dart a look _____sb/sth

2. to take sth _____ consideration

3. to give _____sb a welcome

4. to get some fun _____life

5. to keep sth_____ secret


Find the words/ phrases in Chapter 6 which mean the same as:


1. an old-fashioned tall armchair_______________________

2. a person who is dull, stiff and reserved_______________________

3. a young member of the family_______________________

4. an active and important member of society _____________________

5. one's relations_______________________

6. sb who is not too quick in acting but never failing to succeed ______


Match the following set phrases to their definitions. Suggest your variants of translating them in the context.


1. to take after sb

2. to kill the fatted calf

3. to know a thing or two

4. to get on (with sb)

5. to settle down

6. to be done for


a. to start living in a place with the intention of staying there, especially after you have travelled a lot

b. to have a friendly relationship with each other

c. to have common sense and practical experience

d. to welcome sb home with a big meal etc. after they have been away for a long time

e. to look or behave like an older relative

f. to be in serious trouble or likely to fail




Read the statements and mark them as T (true) or F (false).

1. Old Simeon Lee was in good spirits as he was looking forward to some kind of amusement.

2. Simeon Lee considered his son George a pillar of society.

3. Lydia said that David and Hilda Lee were coming next week.

4. Old Mr. Lee was eager to see his only grandchild.

5. Lydia objected to Simeon Lee's inviting Pillar to live in his house.

6. Alfred disliked the idea of seeing Harry back home.

7. Old Mr. Lee opened the safe and showed his son a lot of uncut diamonds.

8. Simeon Lee was going to give the diamonds to his children at Christmas.


Comment on Simeon Lee's attitude to his relatives:





Pillar Estravados

Try to guess, what Simeon Lee's plan of enjoying that Christmas could be.

Say, whether Alfred and Lydia Lee were happy to hear about that plan. Give your reasons.




Chapter 1


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