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Part 1 Chapter 4


Active vocabulary words

1. chary adj.

2. reproof n.

3. grey n.

4. saint n.

5. desolation n.

6. allowance n.


Word combinations

1. to put with smth

2. to pace(walk) up and down

3. to go to the wall

4. to break away

5. to twist smb round oneís little finger

6. to go on a foolís errand

7. to keep oneís memory green

8. to lay the bogy (once and for all)



Fill in the correct preposition where necessary, then make sentences using the completed phrases. Suggest Russian equivalents for the phrases given.


1. to bring sth _______one's life

2. to think _______ sth

3. to be responsible _______ sth

4. to live _______ one's roof

5. to get _______ debt

6. to insure one's life _______sb

7. to feel sentimental _______ sth

8. resentment _______one's part


Find the words/ phrases in Chapter 4 which mean the same as:


1. __________________ - to make sb remember sth

2. __________________ - to happen

3. __________________ - to give up, abandon

4. __________________ - to decide

5. __________________ - to dispose of sb/sth

6. __________________ - to go away


Match the following idioms to their definitions. Find the idioms in the text and suggest your variants of translating them in the context.


1. to twist sb round your little finger

2. to be under one's thumb

3. to send sb/go on a fool's errand

4. to be done and finished with

a. to make sb go/ go somewhere or do something for no good reason

b. to be completely finished

c. to be able to persuade someone to do anything that you want

d. to be so strongly influenced by someone that they control you completely


Complete the crossword bellow.


1. The synonym ďto bearĒ. Davidís mother did it with respect to her husband.

2. Itís a noun. It happens with peopleís hair when they get old.

3. We use this adj. to describe a man whose appearance and behavior remind us of a young boy.

4. Itís money given to someone in order to help them pay for things they need. allowance

5. Itís a verb. You do it when you send a message in the form of a telegram. cable

6. To be cautious about doing sth.

7. Itís a quality to stay calm and not get annoyed.

8. David called his mother this word, because she was extremely kind, patient.

9. You say or do it like this to show that you disapprove.

10. Itís a noun, antonym to Ļ8. Itís a quality of getting annoyed quickly.




Answer the following questions:

1. Who did David Lee discuss his plans with?

2. Why did he feel reluctant to go?

3. What did he blame his father for?

4. What kind of woman was David's mother?

5. What did Hilda think of old Mr. Lee?

6. Why did she want David to accept the invitation?



Describe Hilda Lee.

Outline David's lifestory.

Say, whether you approve of Hilda's decision to accept old Mr. Lee's invitation. Give your reasons.


Part 1 Chapter 5


Active vocabulary words

1. thrilling adj

2. bulk n.

3. share n.

4. scorn n.

5. disgraceful adj.

6. smirk v.

7. precipitately adv.


Word combinations


1. to pitch and scrape

2. to make a fortune

3. to make allowance

4. to be taken aback


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