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Match the parts of the expressions and fill in their Russian equivalents from the list.

1. not to give 2. to give sb. 3. to take 4. not to trust 5. to make 6. to give 7. to take 8. to give a. a breath b. ones way c. a damn for sth. d. smb. a turn e. a piece of ones mind f. smb. an inch g. a stock of smb. h. smb. a nasty jolt  


Fill in the correct preposition where necessary, then make sentences using the completed phrases. Suggest Russian equivalents for the phrases given.


1. to answer____ the doorbell

2. to keep____one's room

3. to clap sb ____the shoulder

4. to take stock____sb

5. to break ____one's laugh


Find the words/ phrases in Chapter 1 which mean the same as:


1. To fill the lungs with air - ___________________________

2. To breathe in suddenly, quickly, and in the way it can be heard, esp. because you are surprised or afraid -________________________

3. To stop breathing for a moment because sth. has surprised, frightened or shocked you - ___________________________

4. To suddenly appear, esp. after having been lost or searched for - ___________________

5. To estimate (sb's looks, abilities etc.) - ___________________________

6. An unadventurous person, sb. who seldom goes anywhere -___________________

7. Sb. with old-fashioned attitudes who is not willing to try anything new -____________________

8. Sb. who hates spending money or giving it away; a miser -_________________



1. Not to trust sb. an inch

Inch (plural: inches) ; 1 inch=2,54 cm

to fight for every inch of ones land -

inch by inch - -

2. Get acquainted with the parable about the Prodigal son.

What is the synonym to:


haughty, lofty? ..

pant, puff? .

wail, cry, yell?

prankish, mischievous? .

wince, recoil, shrink?..........................


Look these synonyms up and say how they are different.


Recall, who of the characters:

a. - didn't recognise Harry Lee

b.- had never seen Harry Lee before

c. - was not happy to see Harry back home

d. - admired Pilar

e. - thought that old Simeon Lee had had six wives

f. - called George Lee a skinflint

g. - couldn't say whether Alfred Lee had changed


Recall the situations the following quotations refer to. Describe the situations and the people involved.

"An ill-mannered, impatient way of ringing the bell at a gentlemans house!"

"The fatted calf awaits me!"

"He looks frightful tough - attractive, though. I wouldn't trust him an inch."

"Pilar was staring, her big eyes wide and interested."

"How absurd! Like two dogs - looking at each other..."


Say, what your impression of Harry Lee is. Conjecture, what the further relations between the brothers may be.

Try to guess, what Hurrys meeting with his father would be like.


Part 2 Chapter 2


Active vocabulary words

1. wicked adj.

2. stroke v.

3. repent v.

4. bunkum n.

5. brat n.

6. wail v.

7. nincompoop n.

8. pompous adj.

9. windbag n.

10. avenge v.

11. swindle v.

12. deferential adj.


Word combinations


1. to have (no) guts

2. to put up with smb (smth)

3. for smbs sake

4. to do an injury

5. to clean smb.out


Find English equivalents for the following word combinations.





4. -.


Fill in the correct preposition where necessary, then make sentences using the completed phrases. Suggest Russian equivalents for the phrases given.


1. to be stimulated _____ sth

2. to pray_____ sb

3. to arouse the devil _____ sb

4. to stand up_____ sb

5. to cut loose _____ the old life

6. a tap _____ the door


Fill in the words from the list, then make sentences using the completed phrases.


wandering; wheezy; laughter; raise; illegitimate

1. _____________ face

2. _____________son

3. _____________ a family

4. angry_____________

5. _____________chuckle


Find the words/ phrases in Chapter 2 which mean the same as:


1. group of people ______________________

2. to trick sb into believing sth______________________

3. to make sb lose all their money______________________

4. to have a value in money______________________


Match the following set phrases to their definitions. Find them in the text and suggest your variants of translating them in the context.


1. for sb's sake

2. to put up with sb

3. to have (no) guts

4. to have a way with sb

a. to have (no) courage or determination to do something difficult or unpleasant

b. to have a special ability to do sth/ to deal with sb

c. in order to help or please someone

d. to accept an unpleasant situation or person without complaining


Complete the crossword.


1. showing that you respect someone and want to treat them politely

2. to gently move your hand over skin, hair, or fur

3. nonsense

4. formal to react to something wrong that has been done to you, your family by punishing the person who did it

5. to recognize that you have done something wrong and feel ashamed and sorry about it

6. inf. an annoying child who behaves badly.

7. someone who talks too much in a boring way

8. to cheat someone in order to get their money






Watch out!

They began to avenge themselves on their neighbours for the years of suppression.

He wanted to revenge himself on John for his arrogance.

He vowed to avenge his fathers death.


Arrange the events in the chronological order.


__ a. Mr. Lee was deceived by his companion.

__. b. Simeon Lee got married.

1._ c. Simeon Lee went to South Africa to look for diamonds

__ d. Mr Lee ruined the swindler.

__ e. Simeon Lee came to England and brought a lot of uncut diamonds with him.

__ f. Mr Lee had a lot of love affairs that broke his wife's heart.


Rewrite the sentences and correct the mistakes.


1. Pillar was shocked to hear that Simeon Lee used to be a very wicked man.


2. Simeon Lee was sorry to have led the adventurous life he had.


3. Simeon Lee appreciated his wife's devotion.


4. Simeon Lee was proud of his children.


5. Pilar loved her grandfather.




Discuss Simeon Lee's attitude to his wife.

Characterise Pillar basing on the information of Chapter 2.

Discuss the following quotations from the text:

"Take what you like and pay for it..."

"... nothing is so boring as devotion."




Many common expressions consist of two nouns, adjectives, or adverbs separated by and. For example: He and Harry never got on. Harry used to jeer at Alfred. Called him old Slow and Sure. (part 1 chapter 6)

Use a dictionary to help you with the following expressions. Then write sentences that show that you understand them.

free and easy pepper-and-salt to and fro hit-and-run spic-and-span
up and down black-and-white cut-and-dried open-and-shut far and away



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