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Complete the crossword bellow.


1. “Poor old chap, tied by the leg, an invalid – after the …… life he has led.”

2. The quality or state of being faithful (formal).

3. Who is old Tressilian for Lydia and Alfred (who is always available to be used if it’s needed in a particular situation)?

4. Support that you always give to someone because of your feelings of duty and love towards them.

5. Lydia smoothed over the last bit of her …….

6. An irresistible persistent impulse to perform an act.

7. What kind of person was Alfred’s father in Lydia’s opinion?



Translate the following sentences:



Read the statements and mark them as T (true) or F (false).

1. Lydia Lee disliked her father-in-law's idea of having a family gathering at Christmas.

2. Lydia Lee was fond of her father-in-law.

3. Mr. Lee told Lydia that they were expecting two more guests.

4. Alfred Lee thought that his father invited more guests because he wanted to have some fun.

5. Alfred and Lydia Lee didn't know who their extra guests were.


Match the two halves of the following sentences

1. Lydia Lee a. used to lead an adventurous life.
2. Alfred Lee b. had a nasty habit of walking very quietly.
3. Old Mr.Lee c. had always been polite.
4. Horbury d. was an old faithful servant.
5. Tressilian e. didn't mind his father having everything his own way.


Recall who the following quotations refer to. Say, how they characterise the speaker and the person described.

1. "He dictates our lives to us completely."

2. "His own wants are very simple."

3. "...the old man is very fond of you -"

4. "He was so devoted to your mother..."

5. "His constituents like him."

6. "...sometimes I think she is like one of those pears one gets ..."

7. "He creeps about like a cat!"

8. "She was a poor creature."

9. "What a standby he is!"

Comment on Lydia's attitude to her husband's relations with his father.

Describe Alfred Lee's brothers and their wives.

Speak on Lydia's hobby.

Say, what you think of the planned family gathering: its purpose and the people who were supposed to arrive.



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