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Ex.6 Match the sentences (1-10) with the replies (A-J), then complete the replies with the verbs in brackets.

1. There’s someone at the door.

2. Mum, I want to get away from John for a while. Can I come and stay with you and dad?

3. Anything interesting on the news?

4. Can I come around and see you this evening?

5. Have you ever got any plans for a new TV series?

6. Is your steak tough again?

7. Oh, no! It’s nearly half past and my train is at quarter to!

8. Is the cuirus timetable sorted out for Saturday?

9. Have you though about toyr day off next week?

a) Yes, they have started the Anglo-Irish tunnel and it… (be)… ready two month early.

b) Yes, the clowns … (start)… at 8 and then it’s the lion tamer at half past.

c) It is. This time I ….(complain) to the butcher.

d) Don’t get up. I … (answer) .. it.

e) No, sorry. I … (watch) the football highlights tonight.

f) They …(look at) salaries as usual in the end-of-year review.

g) Come on then. I… (give)… you a lift to the station.

h) Oh, yeas. I …(waterski)… next Friday afternoon while you are working.

i) Yes. We …(film) a new series next year. We’ve already found the locations and booked the actors.

j) Of course, dear. How long do you think you …(stay)…?

Ex.7 Read the article and decide which word or phrase below best fit each space.


Mark Rawling and his team are still in the Andes filming Penny, a puma. They have managed to get quite close to the big cat and gain her trust over the last summer. In his instalment of Mark’s video dairy, he describes how Penny is currently spending a lot of time with a mate, so Mark and his team are sure that she …1… cubs in the spring. If that is the case, they …2… much of her over the winter. In fact, they are unlikely to see much of her until the winter …3… oner anyway, as pumas, like most other large cats, tend to hide away when the weather is bad. If Penny is pregnant, she …4… the cubs by early March and they …5… the den about 3 months later. Although Mark doubts whether she …6… out to hunt much in the next few months, he …7… until she …8… . Once the team …9… filming Penny, they …10… to North America to track down the grizzly bear, but Mark …11… such a pleasant assignment!

1. a) has b) is going to have c) will have had

2. a) will see b) aren’t seeing c) won’t see

3. a) is b) will be c) is being

4. a) is having b) will have had c) will be having

5. a) are leaving b) will leave c) leave

6. a) will come b) is coming c) will have come

7. a) stays b) will have stayed c) is going to stay

8. a) reappears b) will reappear c) is going to repair

9. a) will finish b) have finished c) will have finished

10. a) are going b) are going to go c) go

11. a) think it is b) thinks that won’t be c) doesn’t think that will be

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