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Ex. 2.2 Look at the statements in Ex. 2.1 and answer these questions.

Ex.1 Match the sentences with the correct tense description.

1. Look out! That dog is going to bite you. a) fixed arrangement in the near future
2. I値l be flying to Morocco this time tomorrow. b) action which will be finished before a stated future time
3. She is worried that he値l be angry. c) timetable
4. By 11 o団lock she値l have been waiting for five hours. d) fear about the future
5. The London train arrives at 4. 45. e) evidence that something will definitely happen in the near future
6. I知 seeing my bank manager this morning. f) future intentions
7. When I知 older, I知 going to learn to drive. g) action in progress at a stated time in the near future
8. I think I値l make some tea. Do you want some? h) duration of an action up to a certain time in the future
9. He値l have finished by tomorrow afternoon. i) action intended to be performed in the near future
10. Will you be going into town today? j) on-the-spot decision
11. I知 sure he値l pass the test. k) something we are not sure about yet
12. She値l probably come early. l) polite enquiry about people痴 arrangements
13. I知 going to be a new car tomorrow. m) prediction

Ex. 2 You are going to hear Tim, a sports team coach, talking to Amanda, a player in the team, about a trip they are going to make. Listen and complete the table below. Write no more than two words or a number for each answer.

Country Number of matches Number of free days Accommodation Other plans
1. 2. 3...... stay in a 4. do lots of walking
5. 6. 7...... 8.. visit some 9.


Ex. 2.1 Now listen again and write:

A. if Tim makes this statement

B. if Amanda makes this statement

C. if both Tim and Amanda make this statement

1. We池e travelling to Scotland by plane. ..

2. We値l have fun even if the weather is bad. ..

3. The team will be pleased with the accommodation in Athens.

4. The two countries are going to provide very different experience.

5. The team manager is holding a party on our return. ..


Ex. 2.2 Look at the statements in Ex. 2.1 and answer these questions.

1. Which tense is used in statements 1-5?

2. Which structure is used in statements 2 and 3 to refer to the future?

3. Which structure is used in statement 4 to refer to the future?

4. Which statements talk about a fixed arrangement?

5. Which statement are predictions?

Ex. 3.1 Janet is a university lecturer. She gets nervous when she gives talks at the conferences. Look at the pictures. What do you think would help Janet feel more confident and relaxed?


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