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Your significant other's credit card gets declined a few times, and you suspect there are money problems. How do you broach the subject?

A friend of a friend arrives at your party and asks you how much the rent is on your place. Oh, and speaking of, what’s your salary so that you can afford such a nice place? How do you respond?

Tell her you make $55,000. But you’re gunning for a raise!

Make a joke that aren’t rents always too high in the city? Also, would she like a refill on her wine?

Ask her how much she makes, complete with a dirty look.

Lie—about the rent and how much you make.


Your friend does some graphic design work for you and gives you a discounted price, but you don't like how the job turned out. What do you do?

Tell her that you’re going to go with someone else and that you can’t afford to pay her because you’ll have to get it redone.

Pay up and shut up—you don’t want to ruin the friendship. You got a discount, after all.

Tell her you really appreciate the discount and her hard work, but you’re worried the hot pink flowers send the wrong message. Can she try again?



Your friend forgot her credit card when you were out shopping together, and you loaned her $50. Now she's forgotten about paying you back. What do you do?

Invite her out for dinner, then tell her you forgot your credit card this time.

Remind her twice, and if she still doesn’t repay you, let it go. But stop lending her money.

Badmouth her to all your mutual friends to shame her into giving it back.



The dinner check comes and the group wants to split it evenly, but you ordered much less than everyone else. How do you handle it?

Announce that you only ordered a salad, and write down $13 with your credit card number on the back of the receipt for the server.

If the atmosphere is casual, head off the situation while perusing the menu by mentioning that you don’t intend to order much and asking if everyone is OK with not splitting the check.

Pay with a smile and make a mental note not to eat at an expensive restaurant with this group of friends.



Your friend makes much more than you do and you get jealous hearing about her fabulous lifestyle. How do you deal with it?

Write in your gratitude journal and meditate before or after seeing her.

Tell her that while you love sharing in her excitement, hearing about her new car also has a side effect of bumming and stressing you out about your own situation since you can’t afford one.

Gently let her go from your life. You want friends you can relate to.



On the flip side, you make much more than your friend does, and you feel guilty or uncomfortable shopping, going out or talking about your vacations and lifestyle in front of her. What do you do?

Scope out Groupon deals and coupons for dinner or let her choose the venue and price point.

Whenever you ask her to hang out, only invite her to inexpensive outings, like checking out a new food truck. Save your more expensive excursions for other friends.

Lie! Ignorance is bliss and she doesn’t have to know your watch is actually Michael Kors and not a knockoff.



Your significant other's credit card gets declined a few times, and you suspect there are money problems. How do you broach the subject?

Don’t say anything—men are sensitive. But make sure not to link your assets with his anytime in the future.

A couple days after it happens, sit down with him to let him know that healthy finances are important to you and ask him what his financial goals are and whether he is on track to accomplish them.

Ask him point blank why his credit card got turned down.



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