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Declaration by the applicant

The applicant, represented by the undersigned, being the authorised signatory of the applicant, in the context of the present call for proposals, representing any any co-applicant(s), affiliated entity(ies) in the proposed action, hereby declares that

-  the applicant has the sources of financing and professional competence and qualifications specified in Section 2 of the Guidelines for Applicants;

-  the applicant undertakes to comply with the obligations foreseen in the affiliated entity(ies)'s statement of the grant application form and with the principles of good partnership practice;

-  the applicant is directly responsible for the preparation, management and implementation of the action with the co-applicant(s) and affiliated entity(ies),, if any, and is not acting as an intermediary;

-  the applicant and the co-applicant(s) and the affiliated entity(ies) are not in any of the situations excluding them from participating in contracts which are listed in Section 2.3.3 of the Practical Guide to contract procedures for EU external actions (available from the following Internet address: http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/work/procedures/implementation/index_en.htm. Furthermore, it is recognised and accepted that if we participate in spite of being in any of these situations, we may be excluded from other procedures in accordance with Section 2.3.5 of the Practical Guide;

-  the applicant and each co-applicant and affiliated entity (if any) is in a position to deliver immediately, upon request, the supporting documents stipulated under Section 2.4 of the Guidelines for Applicants.;

-  the applicant and each co-applicant and affiliated entity (if any) are eligible in accordance with the criteria set out under Sections 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 of the Guidelines for Applicants;

-  if recommended to be awarded a grant, the applicant accepts the contractual conditions as laid down in the Standard Contract annexed to the Guidelines for Applicants (annex G);

-  the applicant, the co-applicant(s) and the affiliated entity(ies) are aware that, for the purposes of safeguarding the financial interests of the EU, their personal data may be transferred to internal audit services, to the European Court of Auditors, to the Financial Irregularities Panel or to the European Anti-Fraud Office.

These are the sources and amounts of Union funding received or applied for the action or part of the action or for its functioning during the same financial year as well as any other funding received or applied for the same action

<list source and amount and indicate status (i.e. applied for or awarded)>

The applicant is fully aware of the obligation to inform without delay the Contracting Authority to which this application is submitted if the same application for funding made to other European Commission departments or European Union institutions has been approved by them after the submission of this grant application.


Signed on behalf of the applicant


Date: 2015-12-17; view: 1006

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