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EXERCISE ¹ 320. Rewrite the sentences in the reported speech.

1. “I hit him over the head with a crystal vase and ran out of the house,” she said to the police detective.

2. “Someone has stolen the secret formula,” said the professor.

3. “I live in a spooky town where ghosts come out when night falls,” he said to the children.

4. “It’s going to be a tiring journey,” Sally said.

5. “I’ll go through the office files while you are looking through the desk,” Bob said to his partner.

6. “I really enjoyed the ride,” she said.

7. “Next month we’ll be enjoying the sunshine in Barbados,” said Paul to Ann.

8. “We are planning to visit the haunted castle tonight,” little James said to Cathy.

9. “Where were you last night at the time of the burglary?” the police inspector asked me.

10. “Was he using the computer to find the secret code?” the police asked.

11. “How did the Prince wake Sleeping Beauty up?” Karen asked Grandma.

12. “Has she finally decided to sail from Spain to Australia all alone?” he asked.

13. “Will you tell Harry he’s the worst detective you’ve ever met?” Fred asked Tim.

14. “Open the door at once!” the police said to him.

15. “Don't touch the switch with wet hands,” she said to him.

16. “Don't touch the exhibits,” the museum guide said to us.

17. “ Be quiet,” the teacher said to us.

18. “Phone me when you get to your sister's house” my friend said.

19. “ Don't smoke in the museum,” the museum attendant said to us.

20. “Don't be silly,” my wife told me.

21. “ Apologize to the little girl that you hit,” Oliver's mother said to Oliver.

22. “Don't disturb me while I am in the meeting,” my boss told me.

23. “Leave your homework on the front desk,” the teacher told us.

24. “I will order a pizza,” he said.

25. “I'm going to the dentist now,” said Lynn.

26. “Mr and Mrs Wilson have gone on holiday,” Mr Bradley said.

27. “There is no one at home,” he said.

28. “What did you see in the distance?” she asked me.

29. “Have you got a pen?” he asked her.

30. “Have you spoken to Ann yet?” he asked me.

31. Why didn't you call the police?” he asked me.

32. “I will need your help,” he said to Jane.

33. “The sun rises in the east,” the teacher said.

34. “There was a good documentary on TV yesterday,” Gregory said.

35. “It's always hot at this time of year,” she said.

36. Rachel to her Granny: “Can you pass me the water, please.”

37. The policeman to the thief: “Stand away from the car.”

38. Diana to Robert: “Don't be late for dinner.”

39. Lilian's Dad to Lilian: “Go upstairs and finish your homework.”

40. The soldiers to the prisoner: “Put your gun down now.”

41. Jessica to her neighbour:”Would you mind not playing your music so loud, please?”

42. “Call the fire brigade immediately!” he said.

43. “Don’t throw litter out of the window!” Mum said to me.

44. “Fasten your seat belts, please,” the air steward said to the passengers.

45. “Don’t you ever act like that again!” he said to Mike.


EXERCISE ¹ 321. Report the statements using the verbs of reporting:

1. “I’m not giving you any ice-cream until you have eaten your dinner,” said Barry’s mother.

2. “I’m sorry I broke the window,” said Sean.

3. “Shall I help you carry the box?” asked Tom.

4. “You should tell your parents the truth,” my friend said to me.

5. “Could you go to the bank?” he said to me.

6. “I really will remember to feed the fish,” Maurice said.

7. “No, I won’t drive you to the football match,” Mum said to me.

8. “Why don’t we go to Paris for our holiday this year?” she said.

9. “I shouldn’t have rejected that job offer,” my husband said.

10. “No. I have never been in Leeds. You have taken me for somebody else,” he said.

11. “I think young people should avoid unnecessary risks,” the retired stuntman said.

12. “You are to transfer $ 50, 000 to the foundation account immediately,” the gentleman told his bank.

13. “I am really sorry for failing you. Please, forgive me, “ my brother said.

14. “I am going to retire next year,” the pop-singer said.

15. “Don’t ask me about my private life,” the bestselling writer told the journalists.

16. “I will drop you a line when I am settled,” my son said.

17. “I didn’t see her on Monday,” Jack said.

18. “OK. You can use my computer if you promise to be careful, ” my roommate said.

19. “Let’s go to see Mary. She will be glad to see us,” my friend said.

20. “I wish I hadn’t told you,” Kelly said to her mother.

21. “You are right. It was me who called her that day,” the suspect said.

22. “It’s a pity I didn’t go to an actors’ school,” the stuntman said.


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Questions for James Cameron | EXERCISE ¹ 322. Put these sentences into reported speech using the reporting verb at the beginning of the second sentence.
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