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Questions for James Cameron

1. I connected with Avatar's message about taking care of our planet. How can we create our own Pandora here on earth? —Julie Patrick, Manhattan Beach, Calif.

2. Is Avatar a Native American story? —Robert Thijsen, Oranjestad, Aruba

3. Will there be an Avatar 2? If so, will it include the same characters? —Jonathan Clarke, Taipei

4. What was the most powerful motivator for writing Avatar? —Marc Monroe, Paris

5. Do you have a formula for creating a blockbuster film? —Michael Lawrence, Nashville

6. Which character trait is the most important secret to your success? —Daniel Kronlid, Umea, Sweden

7. Have you ever considered making a small-budget film? —Yusef M. Taylor, Washington

8. Why are your movies so long? —Carolina A. Miranda, Brooklyn

9. How do you think the use of 3-D will affect cinema? —Josh Coppenbarger, Normal, Ill

10. Now that Avatar has surpassed Titanic as the highest-grossing film ever, do you plan to take another 12-year break? —Gerardo Valero, Mexico City


EXERCISE ¹ 316. What do these notes say?

Model:Please write in BLOCK LETTERS ‒ The notice tells us to write in block letters.

Do not leave your luggage unattended at any time Just published – Indian Cookery by Poppy Tobin Signed copies available on request
All packages must be signed for Please do not touch the exhibits
Parcels and heavy items should be taken to window 7 for weighing Please do not talk to the driver while the vehicle is moving
Please speak quietly in the library area Sorry! Lift to women’s fashions out of order – use escalator in TV department
Changing rooms next to lift. Customers may take in no more than 4 pieces of clothing These animals are dangerous. Do not cross the safety fence
Please knock before entering Job applications to be left at reception not with security guard


EXERCISE ¹ 317. Rewrite the sentences in the reported speech. Use introductory verbs beg, ask, order, advise, remind, promise, offer, demand, call, greet, etc.

1. “Don’t put sticky things in your pockets,” says Tommy’s mother.

2. “Please, please, don’t do anything dangerous,” says his wife.

3. “Remember to book a table,” says Becky.

4. “Why don’t you open a bank account?” says Ted.

5. “Will you help me, please?” she says.

6. “Good morning, Mr Christie,” she says.

7. “Don’t drive too fast,” she says to her husband.

8. “Don’t forget to thank Mrs Jones when you are saying good-bye to her,” says his mother.

9. “Can you change the bulb for me?” she says.

10. “Why don’t we go to the cinema this evening?” says Harry to Helen.

11. “Switch off the TV,” he says to her.

12. “Shut the door, Tom,” she says.

13. “You are a slowcoach, Becky,” she says.

14. “Lend me your pen for a moment,” I say to Mary.

15. “Don't watch late-night horror movies,” I say to them.

16. “Don't believe everything you hear,” he says to me.

17. “Please fill up this form,” the secretary says.

18. “Don't hurry,” I say to the boys.

19. “Don't touch that switch, Mary,” I say.

20. “Open the safe!” the raiders say to the bank clerk.

21. “Please do as I say,” he says to me.

22. “Help your mother, Peter,” Mr Pitt says.

23. “Don't make too much noise, children,” he says.

24. “Do whatever you like,” she says to us.

25. “Don't miss your train,” she says to them.

26. “Read it before you sign it,” he says to his client.

27. “Do sing it again,” he says.

28. “Don't put your hands near the bars,” the zoo keeper says to us.

29. “Buy a new car,” I say to him.

30. “Don't drive too fast,” she says to him.


EXERCISE ¹ 318. Make the following questions indirect. Use ‘I wonder’, ‘I want to know’, ‘I ask’ or ‘Could you tell me’, ‘Do you know’.

1. Where can I see you next time? 2. How many bedrooms are there in your new house? 3. Do you have any questions? 4. Who is coming to the party? 5. Must we do this work now? 6. Was the party interesting? 7. When did she go to Florida? 8. Where is the crossing? 9. Did you see her yesterday? 10. Why does he dislike her? 11. Does Jane live in Moscow? 12. Did your brother study at Oxford University? 13. Do you play tennis every day? 14. What are you talking about? 15. Who is the author of the book? 16. What colour was her hair? 17. Are they at home? 18. Did she understand what I said? 19. When will she finish her novel? 20. When did you finish school?


EXERCISE ¹ 319. Use say / tell / speak / talk:

1. “Could you … me the time?” … the old lady.

2. He … me to … up because he couldn’t hear me.

3. “I’d like to … to the manager please,” … the client.

4. Mr Lawson … he could … French and Arabic.

5. I don’t … to Bob anymore; he is always … lies.

6. She … us not to … anything to her family.

7. The judge … the witness to … the truth and nothing but the truth.

8. “ … your prayer and go to bed,” Mum … .


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