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Roleplay exercise. Work in small groups

You are going to role-play the ‘Any Other Business’ section of a meeting. First, spend a few minutes deciding what the subject of the meeting will be. Then choose one student to be the Chairman / Chairwoman.

Chairman / Chairwoman: your task is to close the meeting as soon as possible.

Other students: your task is to extend the meeting by bringing up lots of new business. Keep the meeting going for as long as possible!

3. Reflective Activity. How did you feel during this role-play?

I felt relaxed

I found the whole exercise easy

I found it easy to choose the right vocabulary

I found it easy to choose the right grammar

I felt I talked enough




Ideas for using in class

1. Discussion Questions: Do you ever have to listen to business presentations, in English or in your own language? What makes the difference between a good presentation and a bad one? Do you ever have to make business presentations? Do you find it easy or difficult? What kinds of problems do you face when you have to make a business presentation? How do you prepare for it?

2. Ranking Activity: What are the most important factors in a good presentation? Put the following factors in order, from most important to least important, then compare with a partner. Feel free to add different factors if you want to.

- logical organization;

- clear pronunciation;

- good visual aids;

- timing (not too long, not too short);

- body language;

- knowledge of the subject;

- vocabulary preparation.

3. Making Presentations: Students make presentations, on subjects of their choice, using the language in the module. After each presentation, ask the other students to name at least one aspect of the presentation which was good, and make at least one suggestion about how it could be improved further.

4. Questions: After listening to a presentation, each student must ask at least one question.

5. Presentations ‘Bingo’: One student (or the teacher) makes a presentation on a subject of his/her choice, using as many of the language structures from the Meetings module as possible. Distribute the following slips randomly among the listeners:

1. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming along here today.

2. The purpose of today’s presentation is to discuss how we can...

3. I’ve invited you here today to have a look at my findings.

4. Now let me begin by...

5. Secondly...

6. ...and finally...

7. I’d be happy to invite you to ask questions at the end of the session.

8. At the end I’d be very happy to answer any of your questions.

9. If you look at this first graph…

10. As you can see...

11. Now let’s look at...

12. ...a good example of...

13. …a key factor…

14. If you look at this slide…

15. …a good illustration of...

16. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them now.

17. Are there any questions about any of that?

18. Yes, a very good question.

Every time the speaker uses one of these phrases, the listener holding the corresponding slip of paper can put it down on the table in front of them. The first listener to put down all of their slips is the ‘winner’.


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