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Useful Phrases. Read and translate them into Russian

You must have the wrong number__________________

Is that not 556 8790?____________________________

No, itís 555 8790_______________________________

Sorry about that________________________________

I must have dialled the wrong number______________

Can I help you?________________________________

Iím sorry, youíve got the wrong number_____________

Iíll try and put you through_______________________

His direct number is Ö __________________________

Sorry to have troubled you_______________________


2. Error Correction. The scripts below contain nine mistakes. Read them and try to correct the mistakes, then listen to Talking Business: Telephone: Wrong Number and check your answers

Male: Hello, this is the press office.

Michelle: Rachel Allsop please.

Male: Iím sorry, you might have the wrong number. Thereís no-one of that name here.

Michelle: Oh. Can I check the number Iíve got Ö is there not 5568790?

Male: No, itís 5558790.

Michelle: Oh, sorry of that. I must have connected the wrong number.

Male: No problem! Bye!

Male: Hello, press office, I can help you?

Ruth: Hello. Paul Richards, please.

Male: Iím sorry, youíve got a wrong number, but he does work here. Iíll try and put you on. In future, his direction number is 5558770.

Ruth: Did I not dial that?

Male: No, you rang 5558790.

Ruth: Oh, sorry to have trouble you.

Male: No problem. Hang on a moment and Iíll put you through to Paulís extension.

Ruth: Thanks.

Telephone: Appointments

Useful Phrases. Read and translate them into Russian

Can I speak to Brian Hibberd, please?

Iím afraid heís in a meeting.

Iíd like to arrange an appointment.

Iíll just look in the diary.

Whenís convenient for you?

Would next Wednesday be OK?

Heís free in the afternoon after about three.

I could make it after four.

So shall we say 4.15 next Wednesday?


2. Below is the script for Telephone: Appointments. Mark the stressed and unstressed syllables in each line, using the following symbols

¨ stressed syllable

- unstressed syllable

P pause


The first two lines are given as examples. When you have finished, listen to the recording and check your answers.



- - ¨ - ¨ -

Mr. Hibberdís office!


- ¨ - - - - ¨- ¨ - -

Hello, can I speak to Brian Hibberd, please?


Michelle: Iím afraid heís in a meeting until lunchtime. Can I take a message?

Peter: Well, Iíd like to arrange an appointment to see him, please. Itís Peter Jefferson here.

Michelle: Could you hold on for a minute, Mister Jefferson. Iíll just look in the diary. So whenís convenient for you?

Peter: Some time next week if possible. I gather heís away the following week.

Michelle: Yes, thatís right, heís on holiday for a fortnight.

Peter: Well, I need to see him before he goes away. So would next Wednesday be okay?

Michelle: Wednesday. Let me see. He's out of the office all morning. But he's free in the afternoon, after about three.

Peter: Three o'clock is difficult. But I could make it after four. Michelle: So shall we say four fifteen next Wednesday, in Mister Hibberd's office?

Peter: Yes, that sounds fine. Thanks very much.

Michelle: Okay, then. Bye.


When you have finished and checked your answers, read the script aloud with a partner, tapping on the table with your hand on every stressed syllable



Discussion Questions: Do you ever have to deal with complaints at work, either from clients or from your staff? If so, do you find it easy or difficult? Why? Have you ever had to ask for a pay raise?

If you asked for a pay raise in English, what would you say? What do you think your boss would say in reply?

Meetings: Agenda Setting

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