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Read the passage again and complete the sentences with the correct ending

1. The tastes and concerns of young people are dominant

a) because there are more young people nowadays.

b) despite the fact that there are more old people nowadays.


2. Key factors in the social and cultural change that began in the 1960s were


a) economic prosperity and peace

b) unemployment and hard work


3. The concerns of young people

a) are only reflected in pop music

b) are reflected in many areas of the arts


4. According to the writer, youth culture

a) is negative and dull

b) is only interested in the present


5. According to the writer, our culture is shallow because

a) life is too easy

b) life is demanding and hard


3. Which is the best summary of the article?

1. Culture is dominated by the concerns of young people. This is a bad thing because this culture is shallow and lacks a sense of history.

2. The vibrant, energetic culture of young people is transforming our society and culture, making it more profound and meaningful.

Choose the correct definition for the words from the article

1. dwindling

a) getting bigger;

b) getting smaller.

2. stiflingly

a) unencouragingly;

b) encouragingly.

3. baby boom

a) increase in the birth rate;

b) decrease in the.

4. motif

a) repeated idea;

b) shape.

5. transience

a) lasting a long time;

b) lasting a short t.

6. succumbs

a) loses the fight against something;

b) wins the fight something.

7. plausible

a) incredible;

b) believable.

8. manifest

a) clearly shown;

b) unclear.

9. opted

a) lost;

b) chose.

10. devoid

a) lacking;

b) possessing.


4. Look at the adjectives below. Which words describe young people? Which ones describe older people?

Wise; adolescent; serious; rebellious; dynamic;

knowledgeable; skeptical; innovative; shallow.


In your opinion, in what ways do the following reflect the values and concerns of young people?

Recent films; modern art; television programmes.


A class debate

‘Teenage culture is shallow, transient and lacks a sense of history.’

Divide into two groups. Group A must think of five arguments that support the statement above. Group B must think of five arguments against the statement. For example

Group A Young people like watching reality TV programmes like Big Brother – they are only interested in celebrities.


Group B Some young pop stars write great songs which say profound things about life and love.

When you are ready, each group must present their ideas to the class. Have a class vote. Find out who agrees, and who disagrees with the statement.




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