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Intoducing Others

Giving Encouragement

1. A: Have you heard that the price of phone calls is going to fall dramatically?
B: Dramatically?
A: Yes, you see…

2. "What do you mean?", "So, what are you saying ( about …)? Tell me more...".
3. A: I come from Los Angeles. B: Oh, do you?

4. Fine, Of course, Sounds interesting, Right, Really, That's interesting, Sure, Yes, mmm, I see, Me too, Great, Good idea, OK, That would be nice.

5. How strange. I can't believe that. Is that right? I didn't know that. You must be joking,

e.g. A: I prefer to spend weekends out of town. B: Me too.

A: We are going to the country this Saturday. B: Great.

6. a little (dirty), a bit (noisy), rather (difficult), pretty (awful).

e.g.: A: The room is a bit cold.
B: Oh, is it? I'll turn the heating on.

Practice 1.4.2.

Ex.1.10. Complete the conversation with appropriate phrases to show your interest or surprise:

A: Did you know that scientists are developing ways of building skyscrapers out of diamonds?
B: ___________________
A: It's true.
B: ____________________
A: Well, it's nanotechnology.
B: ____________________
A: The science of very small things. Scientists are learning how to manipulate individual atoms to create new kinds of material.
B: ____________________
A: So, in theory, you see, there's nothing to stop people building skyscrapers out of diamonds.

Ex.1.11.Complete the following dialogue with some encouraging expressions for Role A:

A: Did you take a holiday last year?
B: Yes. We went on one of those activity holidays in the Pyrenees.
A: ___________?
B: Yes, it was very good. So well-organised and not expensive.
A: ___________?
A: Yes. It's difficult to find a holiday to suit all the family.
B: Personally, I like to get away from people.
A: Mmm.______.
B: But the children prefer lots of organised activity.
A: ___________.
B: We may do the same sort of thing but in Greece this year.
A: ___________.
B: I've always liked the idea of water sports holiday.
A: ___________.
B: What about yourself? What did you do last year?

Ex.1.12. Change the words in bold so that the dialogue below sounds more positive. (More than one answer is possible.)

A: We went to see that new film last night.
B: Oh, what was it like?
A: Quite funny.
B: Mmm.
A: Then we went to the Thai restaurant for a meal.
B: Oh, really, was it good?
A: It was OK.
B: Yes?
A: Quite a friendly atmosphere. Reasonable service.
A: What about the food?
A: So so. Try it yourself sometime.
B: Maybe. It's a bit pricey though, isn't it?
A: No, actually, it's fairly cheap.

Ex.1.13.Modify the remarks below to make them less direct.

1. It's cold. 2. The room is dirty. 3. The view is awful. 4. The crossing was rough. 5. The traffic was slow. 6. The weather is disappointing. 7. The service was poor. 8. The sound was awful. 9. It's noisy here. 10. The food is strange. Please, write down your remarks and mail them through course-email to your tutor!


Unit 2. First Contacts
Presentation 2.1. Introductions
Greeting Introduction Response
Hello. Let me introduce myself. I am ... Pleased to meet you. My name is ...
Good morning (afternoon) My name's…. Can I have yours? Nice to meet you. Mine's…..
How do you do? My name's…… How do you do? I'm…..
Request for introduction Introduction
Could you introduce me to… Of course.……. Let me introduce ….….. to you.
….., I haven't met….. I'm sorry. ….., this is…….
….., I don't know anyone here. You'll have to Of course, I'll introduce you to ..., this is ....
I don't think you've met before. Have you met before? Let me introduce you two…, this is…… . ….., I'd like you to meet….., a colleague of mine from France. He's over here on business.

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