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Presentation 2.2. Dealing with Visitors

There are also some other language functions you might find useful to know when receiving visitors or acting as a visitor yourself:
· Welcoming;
· Offering help and hospitality;
· Making requests;
· Asking permission.


Function Phrases
Welcoming It's a (great) pleasure to welcome you to ….. (F)On behalf of ….. I'd like to welcome you to …… (F)Welcome to ……..
Offering (a) drink, food, etc (b) Help Would you like (a)…..?(Do) have (some)……Help yourself (to…..)Let me/Shall I get you (a)…..Here you are. Can I give you a hand? Would you like a hand with…..?Would you like me to ….. (for you)?If you need any help, just let me know. I'll ….. (if you like)Shall I ….. (for you)?Let me……Is there anything I can do (to help)?
Requesting (a) positive requests   (b) negative requests Can you manage? Here is/are the …. You asked (me) for/wanted. Can I have…..?Could you possibly…..?Would you …… please? Do you think you could…..?Would it be possible for you to …..?Would you mind ….. ing (for me)?Would you be so kind as to ……?   Please don't……Would you mind not …… ing? Try not to ….
Asking permission May/Can I ……?Could I (possibly)….. ?Do you think/I wonder if/ - I could…..?Do you mind if I …….?Would you mind if I ……?Is it all right if I ……/for me to ……?


Accepting and Declining Offers

Offering Accepting Declining
Would you like some coffee? Yes, please. (yes) that would be lovely. No, thank you.
Do have some chocolate. Thank you. Thank you, but I'm on a diet.
Would you like me to get some tickets for the theatre. Yes, if you're sure it's no trouble. Yes, that's very kind of you. Thank you but I don't think I'll be able to understand. My English is not very good.
Is there anything I can do? Well, perhaps you could copy this papers for me. Thank you, but there's really no need to.
Can you manage? Do you think you could help me with this? I think I can manage all right, thank you.

Responding to Requests

Request Replies (Positive) Replies (Negative)
Could you get me some tickets for the concert? Would you mind copying this for me? Would you mind not speaking so loudly? Please don't be late for the meeting Certainly. (F); Of course (I) Yes, that's no problem. Not at all/in the least/a bit. Oh, I'm sorry; All right. Don't worry, I won't. I'll do my best. I'm afraid not. It's fully booked. I'm sorry but that isn't possible. There aren't any seats left. I'm afraid/I'm sorry, - I can't. The machine has broken down.

Granting and Refusing Permission

Asking permission Granting permission Refusing permission
May I wait for him here? Can I use your phone? Would you mind if I smoked here? Yes, certainly. (F) (Yes), of course. (I) Go ahead. (I) Not at all. No that's all right. (No) I'm afraid not. I'm leaving now and have to lock the office. I'm sorry, you can't. It doesn't work. I'd rather you didn't.


1 A: I'm afraid Mrs. Littlejohn is going to be a few minutes late, so can I bring you something to drink?
B: Yes, please, that would be very nice.

2. A: Have you fixed up a hotel? If not, would you like me to book you in somewhere?

B: No, thank you, it's not necessary. I'm going to stay at my friend's.

3. A: What time are you coming back?
B: Well, I should be in around 3.30.
A: Shall I pick you up?
B: Thanks, Jan, but really don't bother. I'll take the airport bus.


4. A: Excuse me, do you think I could have a quick look at your paper?
B: Yes, of course. Here you are.

5. A: I need to change my flight back to San Francisco. Do you think you could arrange that for me?
B: Certainly, I'll see what I can do.

6.A: Sam, could you give Marion Bennet a message when she comes in?
B: I'm afraid not. I'm going to be out all afternoon.


7. A: I wonder if I could use your telephone, please?
B: Yes, certainly.

8. A: Would you mind if I come a bit later?
B: No, not at all.

Practice 2.2.

Ex.2.6.Read the five situations and then choose one of the offers of help on the right for each situation.

Situation Offer
1. You are meeting someone at the airport. He arrives with two heavy cases. a. Can I get you all another drink?
2. You have been out for a meal with some colleagues. One of them hasn't got a car. b. Would you like me to book you a room in the local hotel?
3. At an exhibition someone expresses interest in your stand. c. Let me give you a hand with your bags.
4. You are having a drink with some of the other participants on a computer course you are attending. d. If you like, I could give you some brochures.
5. You are phoning Dr. O'Brien about arrangements for his visit. e. Do you want a lift?

Ex.2.7. A visitor has a meeting with one of your colleagues who is going to be a little late. You have been asked to look after this visitor. What would you say in the following situations?

1. Offer him a seat while he waits.

Would __________ until Mrs. Nikitenko arrives?

2. Offer to take his coat.
Let me __________ .

3. Offer him some refreshment, coffee, etc.
Shall I ______________ ?

4. Offer to show him some journals, brochures, etc.
Would you ____________ ?

5. Offer to organize a trip round the campus for him.
If _____________ , I would ____________ .

6. Offer your general help. Let me know if there's anything else ____________ .

Ex.2.7. Complete the short two-line dialogues below according to the instructions.

1. A: Derek, can I get you another coffee?
B: Decline:
2. A: I know you're very busy tomorrow so if you like I could show Professor Davidson round the laboratory.
B: Decline (you have already asked another colleague to do it).
3. A: Do you want me to pick Mr. Rilly up at his hotel. It's not far from where I live.
B: Decline (you plan to order him a taxi).
4. A: There's an excellent play on at the theatre. Shall I get some tickets for tomorrow.
B: Decline (You are going out with your friends).

Ex.2.8. Below are summarized five situations where you want different types of help. David on the best way of making your request in each situation. Please, fill the gaps with necessary words.

Situation Request

1. You need some coins. Can _________ ?

2. You arranged an appointment for next Tuesday, now it's not possible. Would ___________ ?

3. The meeting is over. You want to return to your hotel. Could _____________ ?

4. You have been invited for the weekend by your counterpart. Do you think _____________ ?

5. You arranged to show a visitor round the department. You are very busy. Daniel, would _______ Mr. Brown? To change for 1 pound.

Ex.2.9.Complete the dialogues below, following the instructions.

1. A: I'm thinking of going to the theatre while I'm here. Could you ring up and find out what's on.
B: Affirmative

2. A: Excuse me. My watch has stopped. Could you please tell me the time, please?
B: Negative (you are not wearing a watch).

3. A: John, do you think you could give a short welcoming speech before the meeting?
B: Affirmative

4. A: Do you think we could possibly meet an hour earlier?
B: Negative (you have another appointment)

5. A: Could you have a quick look at my report before tomorrow morning?
B: Negative (you are terribly busy).

Ex.2.10.Ask permission to do the following.

1. to open the window;
2. to speak to Mrs. Davidson;
3. to go to a colleague's lecture;
4. to smoke;
5. to look at someone's newspaper.

Ex. 2.11. Either grant (+) or refuse (-) permission. Don't forget to give some reason for refusal.

1. May I have another cup of tea? It's rather hot today. (+)
2. Would you mind if I wait here? (+)
3. I wonder if I could come to one of your lectures? (+)
4. Could I use your telephone? (-)
5. Is at all right if I bring your book back tomorrow? (+)
6. Do you mind if I smoke? (-)
7. Could I borrow your book for a few days? (-)
8. Would you mind if I bring my colleague to the party? (+)
9. Could I possibly make a long-distance telephone call? (-)
10. I wonder if I could copy a file on your computer (-)

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