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What is language communication? What actors does it involve?

Language communication is a specific code intended for information exchange between its users or a system of interrelated material signs ( sounds or letters). Various combinations of which stand for various messages. The process of language communication involves sending a message by a message sender to a message recipient – the sender encodes his mental message into the code of a particular language and the recipient decodes it using the same code ( language).


2. What is monolingual communication? What is bilingual communi­cation? Give examples

Monolingual communication is a communication variety with one common language. Monolingual country is Portugal.

Bilingual communication is the communication process which involves two languages ( codes). Bilingual communication is rather typical for countries with two language in use. Bilingual country are Ireland ( Irish and English), Finland ( Finnish and Swedish).

Decoding and encoding of mental messages is performed simultaneously in two different codes.


3. Describe translation as a special kind of bilingual communication. Why is it called special?

Translation is a specific type of bilingual communication as it obligatory involves a third actor ( translator)


4. What is peculiar about a language as a code? Which factors specify the meaning of a message?

Its peculiarity as a code lies in its ambiguity - as opposed to a code proper a language produces originally ambiguous messages which are specified against context, situation and background information.


5. What is context, situation and background information? Give defi­nition of context. Give examples of extralinguistic situations and items of background information that would clarify a message.

Context is a length of speech ( text) necessary to clarify the meaning of a given word.

Situation is the fragment of the real world that surrounds the speaker.

Background information is a general awareness of the subject of communication.

Yoko Ono joins calls for Pussy Riot's prison release ( example)

Slovak lawmakers reject online vote to name bridge after Chuck Norris.



Lecture 4.

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