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Ex.5. Compare and discuss two situations.


a)Helen Stewart is a Personnel Director. Tim Carey is looking for a job.

H.S.: Good morning, Mr. Carey. How are you today?

T.C.: Not so great.

H.S.: Whatís wrong?

T.C.: Oh, lots of little problems.


b) Richard Ginns is a Personnel Director. Jane Chapman is looking for a job.

R. G.: Hello, Ms. Chapman. How are you this morning?

J. Ch.: Never been better, thank you. How are you, Mr. Ginns?

R. G.: Very well, thank you.


Answer the questions:

1. Who is more positive Ė Mr. Carey or Ms. Chapman?

2. Who would you like to work with?

3. Rewrite situation a so that Mr. Carey would make a good impression.


Ex.6. Compare and discuss two situations.

a)Bill Smith is a salesperson for ABC Motors. Mary Kent is a potential customer. She wants to buy a new car.

B.S.: Hi! My name is Bill Smith.

M.K.: Yes, I know. I was here yesterday.

B.S.: Iím sorry. Iím very bad with names.

M.K.: And with faces.


b) Jack Barnes sells computers. Bob Wright needs a computer. He was in Mr. Barnesí store last week. Mr. Barnes sees Mr. Wright in the street.

J.B.: Mr. Wright! Nice to see you again. My name is jack Barnes. We met last week at my store.

B.W.: Of course, Mr. Barnes. How are you?

J. B.: Fine, Mr. Wright. Really fine. And you?

B.W.: I feel great, thanks.


Answer the questions:

1. Who is a better salesman? Why?

2. Which customer is more pleased? Why?

3. Are you good with names?

4. Are you good with faces?

5. Why is it important to remember names (faces)?


Ex.7. To remember a name, it helps to see it written. You can ask for a business card. Memorize the dialogue.

-- Do you have a card?

-- No, Iím sorry. Iím out of cards. / Yes, here you are.

-- Let me write down your name and number. Could you spell your name? / Thank you. Here is mine.


Learn to spell your name. Look at the following examples of spelling clarification. Add more examples.

A as in Alpha, ________, _________

B as in Bravo, ________, _________

C as in Bravo, ________, _________

D as in David, ________, _________

E as in Echo, ________, _________

F as in Fox, ________, _________

G as in Golf, ________, _________

H as in Hotel, ________, _________

I as in India, ________, _________

J as in Julia, ________, _________

K as in Kilo, ________, _________

L as in Lemon, ________, _________

M as in Mike, ________, _________

N as in November, ________, _________

O as in Oscar, ________, _________

P as in Paper, ________, _________

Q as in Question, ________, _________

R as in Ronald, ________, _________

S as in Sam, ________, _________

T as in Tom, ________, _________

U as in Uniform, ________, _________

V as in Viktor, ________, _________

W as in Whiskey, ________, _________

X as in X-ray, ________, _________

Y as in Yes, ________, _________

Z as in Zulu, ________, _________


Ex.8. Look at the cards and answer the questions:


CONTINENTAL EQUIPMENT John Smith Financial Director
9 North Road, Brighton, BNI 5JF,England Ph.: (0273) 543359 E-mail: coneq@aol.com

Whose card is this?

What is he?

What company is he from?

What city is he from?

What is his telephone number?

What is the address of his company?


Ex.9. Make a card for you.


Ex.10. After you meet someone, write him or her a letter. This letter is called a follow-up letter.


Ken Woods sells photocopiers. Charles Watts is a potential customer. Ken writes Charles a follow-up letter.


ďCentral PhotocopiersĒ

345 West Broadway

New York, NY 10007



January 18, 2008


Mr. Charles Watts

Acme Machine Works

1230 Central Street

Newtown, Connecticut 20007


Dear Mr. Watts:


Thank you for coming to our store yesterday and looking at our new photocopiers. If you have any questions, please call me.


Sincerely yours,

Ken Woods


Ex.11. You sell fax-machines. Your group-mate called you about your fax machines. Write him a follow-up letter.



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