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Exercise 2 Circle the correct word.

1 Mary’s very sensitive /sensible. She tends to think everything over and she doesn’t often make stupid decisions.

2 He’s a bit talkative /bossy. He likes telling people what to do.

3 Bill’s wonderfully calm and relaxed /reserved. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him lose his temper!

4 My sister’s very sensitive /sensible. She always cries when she hears something bad has happened to someone.

5 Andrew’s too generous /ambitious. He’s never satisfied unless he’s the best.

6 Diane is very friendly /nasty. She’s usually the first one to talk to newcomers at school and help them.

7 Chris is a loyal, polite /reliable friend. I trust him completely.

8 They say I’m rebellious /responsible. I say I’m independent. I just don’t like other people telling me what to do all the time.

9 Millie’s very cheerful /helpful by nature. She’s never sad for long.

10 He’s so dreadfully selfless /selfish! He never thinks of anyone but himself.

Reading: Face reading

Are you honest, patient, or shy? You may not know it, but your face and body shape tell all.

Square – physical Are you well-built with a square face and square head? Your body shape suggests that you like sports. You are ambitious and lose your temper easily, but you cool off just as quickly. You are also very smart. Your sharp mind and skilled hands make you a good scientist, mechanic, engineer or labourer.  



Round – emotional Is the shape of your face and body round? Then you’re sensitive and honest. You need to feel secure and behave like a ‘mother’ to your peers. You are good with money and respect family life. You can do well in finance, catering, sales and banking.  



Triangular – mental A head that looks like an upside – down triangle, a thin body shape, and a wide forehead suggest you are intelligent. You are also creative and sensitive. You don’t trust others easily. You can be a successful writer, journalist or politician.  



Oblong – practical Your oblong – shaped face and long body suggest you are intelligent and ambitious. People think you are greedy, but you want to lead a comfortable life. You work long hours and try to succeed. You can do well as an actor or model.  


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Check the meaning of the words in the box in your mini-dictionary. Then write the words in the table below. | Exercise 1 Complete the chart to present each face shape.
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