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Check the meaning of the words in the box in your mini-dictionary. Then write the words in the table below.

acquaintance boss cousin head teacher neighbor relative   aunt classmate ex-girlfriend husband niece stepmother   best friend colleague flat mate mother-in-law parent stranger

Match the questions in column A with the short answers in column B.


1 Are you married? 2 Is your family very large? 3 Were you born in this town? 4 Is your father a good cook? 5 Are your parents from this town? 6 Are there many people with the same name as you?   a Yes, I was. b Yes it is. c Yes, there. d No, Iím not. e No, he isnít. f No, they are.

Rearrange the words to make questions.

1 are family how in many people there your?

2 are names their what?

3 are how old they?

4 are hobbies their what?

5 born parents were where your?

6 family in is person the who youngest your?

7 family holiday last was when your?

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Gemma Burford Enolengila

Gemma was born in 1978 in a quiet village in the south of England. Her mother worked in a library and her father was an accountant. When she was a student at Oxford University, she travelled to Tanzania and met her future husband, Lesikar, for the first time. The couple got married in 2003.When they had a baby (a daughter, Lucia) they decided to go and live in Tanzania. ďI want my daughter to have the best life possible,Ē said Gemma.

Lesikar is a Masai and lives in a village near Arusha in the north of the country. There is no electricity in the home and they walk almost a kilometer to get water. Gemma cooks simple dinners of corn and vegetables and she washes the clothes in a bucket. There is a small primary school in the village, but Gemma and Lesikar will also teach Lucia at home.

Judy Boehmer

Judy had her first child, Adam, 27 years ago. She now has four sons and seven daughters and a pet dog, Bosco, but she wants more boys. Judy and her husband, Larry, live in Atlanta, Georgia, but they also have a 10-metre-long motor home. The family sometimes travels more than 40 000 kilometres a year for their work. The children do not go to school, but they study at home with their parents.

The Boehmer are a circus family and all the children take part in the show. They do different kinds of juggling and Margaret, the youngest, stands on one leg in her motherís hand. The first show of the Boehmer Family Jugglers was at a theme park in Iowa in 1989, and they now perform all over America.

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