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Exercise 2 Put the verbs in brackets into the present continuous.

1. Itís 9 oíclock now. They ____ (listen) to the latest news.

2. Look at her. She ____ (hurry) somewhere.

3. Come to see me. I ____ (have a rest) now.

4. Where are the students? They ____ (have) their English lesson.

5. Donít touch the dog. He ____ (eat).

6. ____ (you/watch) TV now? No, I ____ (read) an interesting book.

7. She ____ (not cook) now, she ____ (have a shower).

8. ____ (their parents/walk) in the garden now? No, they ____ (swim) in the pool.

9. Please, be quiet. I ____ (study).

10. Look! It ____ (rain).


Exercise 3 Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous.

1. Tom ____ (travel) all over the world at present.

2. They ____ (relax) right now.

3. ____ (you/believe) in ghosts?

4. ____ (this box/belong) to you?

5. Peter and Susan ____ (fly) to Madrid on Tuesday.

6. What ____ (you/ think) about?

7. His sister ____ (have) three cups of coffee every morning.

8. What kind of music ____ (she/listen) to at the moment?

9. John always ____ (get up) late on Sunday.

10. Rick usually ____ (buy) souvenirs when he ____ (go) on holidays.


Exercise 4 Choose the correct version.

1. Tony and Tina are going to a rock concert tonight/every Tuesday.

2. Louise takes karate lessons on Wednesdays/at the moment.

3. Does Bob usually/right now visit his grandparents at the weekend?

4. Sometimes/ At the moment he is sending an e-mail to his friend.

5. Beth goes jogging these days/twice a week.

6. Paul never/at present tells lies.

7. He is not working at the moment/on Saturdays.

Speaking: Getting to know each other

Complete the groups of questions 1-5 below with a verb.


Where ____ you from?

Where do you ____?

Do you ____ any brothers and sisters?



What do you ____?



Where do you ____? What school / university do you ____ to?


Do you ____ your job? What year ____ you in?


Do you ____ any foreign languages? Which?


What kind of music do you ____ to?

Do you ____ a musical instrument? Which?

Do you ____ TV? What programmes?

Do you ____ any sport or exercise? What?

What books or magazines do you ____?



Where are you going to ____ after the class?

What are you going to ____ this weekend?



Where ____ you born?

Where did you ____ English before?

What did you ____ last summer?



Text: Mother love Grammar: Past Simple Past Continuous Vocabulary

Vocabulary & Speaking

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