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Match the words with their definitions. Give the Russian equivalents.

1. insurance a. a special mark in a passport that gives permission to enter or leave the country
2. foreign currency b. a little piece of paper, plastic, or any other material which appears on someoneís luggage and has essential information about its owner ( usually name and contacts, telephone and address )
3. label c. type of money that is used in a country
4. visa d. a document in which a certain sum of money is paid in case of an illness or an accident


Assignment 6

1. You and your friend have won a competition and the prize is a holiday of your choice. Discuss the following issues and choose a holiday from the options below:

∑ which would be the best type of holiday to go on

∑ what you would like to do while youíre there

∑ how long you would like to go for

∑ what preparations you need to make for the trip.


Action adventure

Cross the Sahara on a camel. Fly in a balloon safari. Sleep under the stars. Live your life to the full!


Beautiful beaches

White sand and palm trees as far as the eye can see. Bright sun and warm water. Exchange your stress for peace!


Countryside camping

Put down the picture postcards of the pretty countryside and pack your bags because weíre going there. Be part of nature!


Date with History

Bored with TV? Come on our great tour of monuments and museums and historical town centres. Feed your brain and your eyes!

Exciting sports

Fed up with sitting around? Want to get fit and have fun? Water sports, mountain-climbing, indoor skiing, and more: everythingís possible at our special centre!

Assignment 7

Complete the dialogue with the missed phrases in the list below.


David: Did you say youíre going ___________ next month?

Ruth: Yes, my family and I are going to New York for a week. We want ____________________

David: I envy you. I havenít had a vacation for a long time. You know I always take a short-break holiday. I wish I _____________________

Ruth: You can take a vacation sometime soon, ___________?

David: No, thereís too much work to do. Maybe next year, though. I guess itíll be our _________, dear!

Well, I hope __________ a postcard with beautiful views of the city and your


Ruth: Donít be pessimistic! I promise!



to visit the Museums and see some plays; youíll send me; honeymoon

to take a vacation; canít you; could get away for a while.


Read the dialogue in pairs and act out similar dialogues.



Assignment 8

Read Natalie and Paulís conversation. What are they arguing about?

Why does Paul sound ironic?

The Nightmare of Packing


- We must be off in ten minutes. Have you packed everything?

- As good as Ö I need a couple of minutes to make sure that I havenít forgotten anything.

- OK. And whose bags are these? These huge ones. Do you mean these are yours? Are you going on a studentsí archaeological expedition in Greece with all this stuff?

- Donít be silly. Itís me whoís leaving. Doesnít that mean that the luggage is mine? Iíve packed the most essential things.

- Essential things ? letís see Ö Whatís in here ? An iron, a portable TV set, a dozen different lotions and shampoos, three pairs of high heels, lots of dressesÖ. And why have you packed two umbrellas, may I ask? In case it rains twice ?

- In case one gets broken or something. Donít make me nervous before the flight, will you?

- All right, take everything you want if you feel happier with all these useless things. And, by the way, where is your ticket, passport, and insurance?

- Oh, gosh! Iíve nearly forgotten them! Thank you. Sometimes you can be very helpful.


2. Read the postcard as an example. Write your own one using instructions:

Write the name and address of the person youíre writing to.

ü Put the date at the top. (You can leave this out).

ü Write Dear and the name of the person youíre writing to.

ü Write you message. Use short forms (Iíll, itís, weíre) and short sentences.

ü Finish with a friendly phrase: Wish you were here! See you soon, (Lotís of) Love, (to family members and close friends), Best wishes.

ü Sign your name. First name is usually enough.


  23rd July Dear David, Iím having a fantastic time in New York! The weatherís great. Lots of sunny days and no rain. Our hotelís quite comfortable, too. Weíve already visited the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in Harlem, you know... Itís beautiful! Tomorrow weíre planning to go to SOHO, an enclave of artists, and Greenwich Village. Iím really enjoying myself! Wish you were here! Lotís of love, Ruth.     David Hughes_____ 34 Carlton Court___ Mayfield Road______ Bristol B56 3 QA___ UK_______________


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