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Study the following important information before booking your holiday.


1. You should have an insurance policy. You may fall ill during your travels and visiting a doctor or staying in hospital costs a lot of money. If you have insurance, your insurance company pays for you.

2. When you are abroad, you usually canít buy anything with money from your own country. All goodsmust be paid for in foreign currency only. If you want to buy something, you should have some currency on you.

3. If you donít want to get into trouble, make sure you have a label on your luggage. At the airport, your bagcanbe lost or confused with somebodyís luggage. A label with your contacts can help you get it back.

4. A visa is the most essential thing. You canítenter the country without it. You shouldnítstayin the country longer than your visa allows; otherwise, you can run into problems with the police.

Test Paper I:

Test Paper: Writing a fax to the Hotel


Sending a fax 1 Janet Cooper wants to go to Spain on holiday with her family. She decides to fax the receptionist at the Hotel Plaza in Alicante to see if they have the accommodation she requires. Look at the information on this page, and fill in the first part of Janet's fax. She will get all the information on one page. The code for Spain from the UK is 00 34. 2 Write out the words of Janet's fax message in the correct order.   HOTEL PLAZA This luxury hotel is situated on the water's edge of one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. For reservations and enquiries: phone(6) 527 21 56 fax (6) 527 15 02     Janet and Peter Cooper 8 Fast Lane Chesswood Herts WD5 8QR tel 01923 284908 fax 01923 285446


Test Paper II:

Decide what the function of each pair of formal and informal sentences is and write it in the Function column; decide on the best order for the emails and write the appropriate number in the Order column.

Email arrangement

Functions :



Answering a forwarded email

Reference (to an earlier email)


Giving information

Making an appointment


Attachment information

Offering help

Asking for confirmation

Closing remarks

Complimentary closing


Order Function Formal Informal
        I have reserved a table at the Four Seasons on October 16 at 12.30. How about The Four Seasons, say 12.30? You liked it last time.
        Please inform me if there is anything I can help you with before our meeting. Just send me a quick note if you have any other questions before we meet.  
        Can you confirm by Friday if you will be able to come? Can you let me know by Friday if this is OK for you?
        You will find the latest information for suppliers in the attachment. I'm attaching some supplier information that I thought you'd like to see.
        Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying. I'm really sorry that I haven't replied before now.
    Re: Lunch on Friday, October 16 Re: Lunch on 16/10?
    I am looking forward to your reply. Hope to hear from you soon.
        I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me specific information about the proposal before our meeting. It'd be a help to get some of your ideas about the proposal before we meet
    Yours sincerely Bye for now
    Dear Mr. Turner Hi Jack
      Thank you for your interest in our company and the information about your upcoming visit. Thanks for letting us know you'll be here next week and we're glad you want to find out more about us.
        Ms Johns has forwarded your email to me and asked me to reply to it. Carol just sent this on to me and asked me to get in touch with you.
        I am writing to inform you that we are setting up a lunch with several people interested in your business proposal. Just wanted to let you know that lunch would be great. A couple of us would like to discuss your ideas in person.


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