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Read the letter that a student has written to her friend. Her teacher has used symbols to show her the kind of mistakes she has made. Correct the mistakes.

T Ė Tense; P Ė Punctuation; WO Ė Word oder; Prep Ė Preposition; WW Ė Wrong word; Gr Ė Grammar; Sp Ė Spelling; V Ė Word missing.


18 Greencroft Gardens London NW6 Tuesday 10 May Dear Stephanie How are you? Iím very well. I came in (Gr) London two weeks ago for to (Prep) study at a language school. I want V learn Śnglish (P) because V is a very important language. Iím stay (Gr ) with a (Gr ) English family called Bennett. They have two son (Gr) and a daughter. Bennett is V teacher, and Mrs. Bennett work (Gr ) in a hospital. English people is (Gr) very kind, but they speak very quickly! I study in the morning. My teachers (Gr) name is Ann. She said(WW) me my English is OK, but I do (WW) a lot of mistakes. Ann donít (Gr) give us too much homework, so in the afternoons I go always (WO ) sightseeing. London is much more big (Gr) than my town. I like very muchpainting (WO), and Iím very interested for (Prep) modern art, so I visit galleries and museums. I have met a girl called Christina. She came(T) from Greece and she have(Gr) a lovely flat near Regentís Park. Last night we go (T) to the cinema, but the film wasnít very exiting (Sp). Do (WW) you like to visit me in London? Why donít you come for a weekend? Write to me soon. Iíd love to see you. Love Kati


2. Read the postcard as an example. Write your own one using instructions:

Write the name and address of the person youíre writing to.

ü Put the date at the top. (You can leave this out).

ü Write Dear and the name of the person youíre writing to.

ü Write you message. Use short forms (Iíll, itís, weíre) and short sentences.

ü Finish with a friendly phrase: Wish you were here! See you soon, (Lotís of) Love, (to family members and close friends), Best wishes.

ü Sign your name. First name is usually enough.


  23rd July Dear David, Iím having a fantastic time in New York! The weatherís great. Lots of sunny days and no rain. Our hotelís quite comfortable, too. Weíve already visited the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in Harlem, you know... Itís beautiful! Tomorrow weíre planning to go to SOHO, an enclave of artists, and Greenwich Village. Iím really enjoying myself! Wish you were here! Lotís of love, Ruth.     David Hughes_____ 34 Carlton Court___ Mayfield Road______ Bristol B56 3 QA___ UK_______________


Sending a fax.

A. Janet Cooper wants to go to Spain on holiday with her family. She decides to fax the receptionist at the Hotel Plaza in Alicante to see if they have the accommodation she requires. Look at the information about the hotel and fill in the first part of Janetís fax.

B. Write out the words of Janetís fax message in the correct order.

HOTEL PLAZA   This luxury hotel is situated on the waterís edge of one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. _____________________ For reservation and enquires: PHONE (6) 527 21 56 FAX (6) 527 15 02   Janet and Peter Cooper 8 Fast Lane Chesswood Herts wd5 8qr Tel 01923 284908 Fax 01923 285446 4 June


FAX TRANSMISSION From ___________________________ Page 1 of ______________________________   To ___________________________ Date ______________________________   For the attention of ____________________ To fax no ______________________________   MessageFrom fax no _____________________________   a. rooms hotel I to some would like reserve at your b. in 28 July We on Alicante are arriving c. ten hope stay to We for nights leaving 7 August on d. and husband like room I My double balcony a would with preferably a e. require Our a two teenage daughters twin room f. are all en-suite that We understand your bedrooms g. you this confirm Could? h. A sea view possible Is have it rooms to with? i. Available if me let you Please for know have dates these rooms j. Grateful if be would also me you could tell room each price the of k. From I forward look you to hearing Yours faithfully   Janet Cooper    

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