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    ZERO article   1. Streets, squares and parks: Oxford Street, Wall Street, Trafalgar Square, Central Park, Hyde Park But: the High Street, the Mall, the Main Street, the Strand, the Avenue  
2. Airports and railway stations: Heathrow (Airport), Gatwick (Airport), Waterloo (Station)  
3. Bridges: Tower Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge But: the Golden Gate Bridge, the Severn Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs, the Forth Bridge
4. Religious (churches, cathedrals and abbeys) and official buildings: Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St. Paulís Cathedral But: the White House, the Royal Exchange, the Old Bailey, the Tower, the Mansion House  
5. Educational establishments (universities, colleges): Merton College, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Harvard University But: the University of York, the Higher School of Economics
6. Magazines and journals: New Scientist, Newsweek, Good Housekeeping But: the Journal of American Psychology, the Spectator
7. Festivals: Christmas, Easter, Lent, Carnival, Ramadan, Motherís Day, St Valentineís Day  
    The definite article Special cases 1. Museums, galleries, theatres and cinemas: the Tate Gallery, the British Museum, the Odeon, the Globe
2. Hotels, restaurants and pubs: the Ritz, the Royal Oak But: Luigiís, Matildaís Restaurant (personís name)
3. Ships, trains: the Titanic, the Queen Elizabeth, the Orient Express But: zero article for spacecraft: Challenger, Apollo 17
4. Newspapers: the Times, the Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, the Economist (published in England) But: Today Foreign newspapers: Pravda, Zvezda, Le Monde, Der Spiegel
5. Sporting events: the Olympic Games, the World Cup * zero article for names which are taken from the place where the event occurs: Wimbledon (tennis), Ascot and Epsom (horse-racing), Henley (rowing) But: Iíve never been to a Cup Final. (one particular case)
6. Organizations and political institutions: the House of Commons, the Senate, the Cabinet the Labour Party, the United Nations, the BBC, the FBI *Abbreviations pronounced as one word take zero article: NATO, OPEC, UNICEF But: (British) Parliament, (American) Congress  


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