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(In-class practice)


Ex 1. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate article where necessary.


1. They travelled by car around ___ Europe last month. 2. ___ Great American Lakes are ___ Lake Huron, ___Lake Superior, ___ Lake Ontario, ___ Lake Michigan and ___ Lake Erie. 3. ___ north of ___ Scotland is known for its wild beauty. 4. Are ___ Urals higher or lower than ___ Alps? 5. It was Burns who wrote "My heart's in ___ Highlands". 6. ___ Mediterranean Sea washes ___ Europe, ___ Asia and ___ northern coast of ___ Africa. 7. What oceans does ___ Panama Canal connect? — I suppose ___ Atlantic and ___ Pacific Oceans. 8. ___ Seine flows through ___ Paris to ___ Atlantic Ocean. 9. We get coffee mostly from ___ Brazil and ___ Columbia. 10. ___ Alaska is the biggest and coldest state in ___ USA. 11. Where are ___ Canaries situated? 12. ___ United Kingdom consists of four parts: ___ England, ___ Scotland, Wales and ___ Northern Ireland, or ___Ulster. 13. ___ Himalayas are the highest mountains in ___ Asia. 14. I went to ___ German Republic last summer, but I haven't been to ___ Netherlands yet. Of course, I would like to see ___ Hague. 15. ___ Thames is not the longest river in ___ Great Britain but it is rather wide and navigable. 16. ___ America consists of two parts, ___ South and North America, doesn't it? 17. In ___ north there are ___ Cheviots. These are the mountains which separate ___ England from ___ Scotland. 18. ___ Brazil is the largest country of ___ South America. ___ Amazon, the widest river in ___ world, flows there. 19. What city is the capital of ___ Philippines? 20. ___ Republic of ___ China is the third largest country in ___ world after ___ Russia and ___ Canada.


Ex 2. Which of the following nouns are used with the definite article?


1. Andes

2. Baikal

3. Crimea

4. Hague

5. Antarctic

6. Panama Canal

7. Lake Baikal

8. Niagara Falls

9. Maldives

10. English Channel

11. Cyprus

12. Caucasus

13. Hudson Bay

14. Netherlands

15. Sahara

16. Central America

17. Labrador

18. North Sea

19. Volga

20. Great Salt Lake


Ex 3. Complete the sentences

using the proper articles:



1. ... Easter Island in ... Pacific Ocean was discovered in 1722. It is one of ... most mysterious spots on ... earth.


2. ... Gulf Stream is a warm ocean current which flows from ... Gulf of Mexico, along ... south-east coast of ... United States, and north-eastwards in ... Atlantic Ocean.

3. The highest peak in ... North America is ... Mount McKinley.

4. … Monterey Peninsula juts out into ... Pacific Ocean.

5. If you want to see ... Lake Victoria and ... Mount Kilimanjaro, go to ... Kenya.

6. The travellers saw an oasis in ... Gobi, but it was a mirage

7. ... Moscow of the 1950's is not … Moscow of the 1990's.

8. It was … different Minsk, … Minsk he had never been to.

9. ... Mississippi is … longest river in … USA and … Sahara is the biggest desert in … North Africa.

10. … Lake Ontario, or … Ontario, is one of the largest lakes in … north of… United States on the border with … Canada.

11. … Greece is situated in … south of … Eastern Europe on the coast of … Mediterranean.

12. Portugal is a small country in … west of Europe; on one of its borders is … Spain, on the other … Atlantic Ocean.




Article Rules/Examples Notes
    ZERO article   1. Continents: Europe, Asia, Antarctica, Africa *Zero article with names of continents modi- fied by “northern, southern, western, eastern, central, minor, south-west,” etc: South America, North America, Central Africa, Asia Minor, Latin America, etc. But: * the African continent *the Arctic/the Antarctic
2. Countries, states, provinces: France, Italy, China, Belarus, Texas, Hampshire, Wisconsin But *geographical names having the plural form and *names of states consisting of word groups take the definite article: the Philippines, the Netherlands, the Highlands; the USA, the UK, the People’s Republic of China But: the Argentine (=Argentina), (the) Sudan, (the) Yemen, (the) Congo, (the) Lebanon, (the) Ivory Coast, (the) Senegal, (the) Ukraine, the Ruhr, the Saar, the Crimea, the Caucasus
3. Cities, towns and villages: Rome, Paris, Minsk, Moscow, Orsha But: the Hague
4. Separate mountains and hills: Ben Nevis, Everest separate islands: Bermuda, Cyprus, Jersey, Java But: the Mount of Olives the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight
5. Lakes: Lake Baikal, Lake Ontario *if the word “Lake” is not mentioned we use the definite article: the Ontario But: the Great Salt Lake, the Lake of Geneva, the Great American Lakes
6. Bays, waterfalls: San Francisco Bay, Hudson Bay, Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls But: the Bay of Biscay, the Bay of Fundy
7. Peninsulas and capes: Labrador, Cape Horn But: the Balkan peninsula, the Hindustan peninsula
    The definite article 1. Rivers, canals, streams, oceans, seas, and other sea features: the Thames, the Panama Canal, the English Channel, the North Sea, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Strait of Dover,
2. Mountain ranges and hill ranges: the Alps, the Rocky Mountains groups of islands: the Hawaii, the Bermudas
3. Deserts: the Sahara, the Gobi Desert
Special cases It was not the France of his youth. (a limiting article)
It was a different Paris, unknown to him. (a descriptive article)


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